Oh my gosh! I cant belive there is a website that has all the information of Ninjago! I'm such a big fan!(even though I'm a girl) I started getting interested in this show like, in march or april. I was doing my homework, my brother was watching the Ninjago mini-movies. When I was finished, I went to see waht my brother was doing. I saw ninjago with him, and I became interested. So, I went to YouTube and typed Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. And I watched it, it so rocked! Now I watch it almost everyday(except now, my mom and dad will only let me see it on saturdays(the Season 3 ones) and if I find three other activities to do rather than watching videos, I will get to watch them again!) So, I'm trying my best to put effort on trying new activities so I can see videos again.

Anyway, the day i found this website was when I was searching for pictures of ninjago, I ended up here...and now this is one of my top favorite websites off all time! I really LOVE the show, and I even dream about it too, I even write about it too! So, I come here to learn what I need to know about Ninjago so I can dream happily. Well, anyway, hope you liked this post! Oh and by the way if any of the Ninjago producers read this, I just want to say...NINJAGO TOTALLY ENORMOUSLY ROCKS AND RULES!

Sincerely, your biggest Ninjago fan,


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