( Episode begins inside the Hypnobrai tomb)

Rattla: ( Sigh) I'm ssssssso BORED!!!!!! Isn't there anything to do around here?

Mezmo: Tell me about it, well one time, I had some fun in here.

Rattla: Really? How?

Mezmo: Easy, by playing your video games!

Rattle: YOU WHAT!?!

Mezmo: Oh, ummm, I mean by making a my own Sssssnake Club.

Rattla: Hmmm, this sounds interesting..... but how come your not doing it now?

Mezmo: ( Thinks hard) Oh, Skales didn't aprove it, I just kept on using his things for the club.

Rattla: Well, that explainsssss why he's been grumpy all weekend, but do you start?

Mezmo: First, you need to ask ssssssnakessss to join.

Rattla: Ok, will you join?

Mezmo: Ummm, sure, but I meant "OTHER" sssssssnakesssss to join, such as in this tribe and in other tribesss.

Rattla: Oh, ok.....let's begin!

( And so Rattla and Mezmo ask the fellow tribes, and their members to join their " Snake Club" which only lasts a minute, they told Skales what he thought, and he approved)

Skales: Assss long assss you don't take my things, like lassssst time, and make ssssure you do super evil deedssss for the club activitiesssss.

Rattla: Yessss, massssster, I will try.

Mezmo: Now you need to choose the location of your Club.

Rattla: Oh, that's a problem....where?

Mezmo: Anywhere you like, The City of Ourebourus, The Sea of Sands, The Birchwood Forest, Here...

Rattla: Not here! Here is pretty cold and chilly, no cold places, because remember, some of the other snakes can't adapt to hot or cold.

Mezmo: Right, how about.... The Lost City of Ourebourus!

Rattla: No, we can't Pythor has it taken, and if he finds out we're using it, he'll kill us!

Mezmo: Your right, but there has to be someplace we could put it.... not to hot or not to cold...

Rattla: Someplace, abandoned, where no one is using it.

( The two snakes think and think of a place perfect to host a club, then, it hit them)

Mezmo and Rattla: The Sea of Sands!!!!

( So Mezmo, Rattla, and all the club members arive at Jay's junkyard, thinking it perfect for them)

Fangdam: But, one time we came here, and ssssssomeone was living here....

Snappa: Yeah, what now?

Rattla: Then we trap them, we're villans, right? We get what we want, when we want it.

Mezmo: Right!

All the snake members: Right!

( And so, Rattla and Mezmo lure Jay's parents out of there, and host there snake club there)

Rattla: Ok! Now that those humans are gone, we can start the clubs schedule. Ok, now, we go raid Jamonikai village to get some supplies we need, then we go kidnap a Dragon, and finally we go raid more villages in the eastern realms.

Snappa: Sounds good to me!

Lasha: Yeah, this club, ROCKS!!!

( and so the snakes followed their daily schedule for the day, and raided villages and towns, and kidnapped a dragon!)

Rattla: Good! Good! Now it is the end of the day, I'll see you all tomorrow in the morning!

Snake members: Bye!

( As soon as they all left, Mezmo had a little chat with Rattla)

Mezmo: Wow, I never knew you would make such an awsome club!

Rattla: Well, I learned from the best!

( Mezmo grinned and walked with Rattla home)

( Menawhile, in the ninja hideout, the ninja were all in the dining hall)

Lloyd: Beans and Rice, yuck.

Kai: Lloyd, quit whining and just eat.

( Just then Jay barges in)

Jay: Turn on the TV!

Zane: Why? What is it?

Jay: Just do it!

( Kai turned on the television in the dining hall to channel 14, the news network)

Announcer: Ninjago News Report 5: Today, some villagers in Jamonikai had spotted some snakes raiding stores and homes, no one knows why, but some of the villagers report that the snakes were just raiding homes with supplies and stores with tools as well.

Women on the screen: Well, some green and red colored snakes had thrown a rock into our living room and took all the furniture, my kids were scared.

Two boys on the screen: Well, me and my brother were just playing basketball when two blue and grey snakes came in and took the bat and ball, I was just ticked.

Announcer: We also saw these snakes come to the ninjas hideout to take a large, brown, rock-like dragon.

( Cole gasped and looked at the screen with his mouth open)

Announcer: Just then, the snakes had come to the eastern realms to raid some more homes and stores just for fun, and then we finally spotted them go back to there hideout in some junkyard....anyway, thats the end of todays Ninjago News Report.

( Kai switched off the TV)

Cole: They stole ROCKY!?!

Jay: They drove off my parents?!?

Sensei: We must put an end to this, and fast.

( So the next day, when the snakes come back to the club...)

Rattla: Welcome back everyone to our Snake Club, and todays schedule will be: To kidnap a ninja.

Snappa: Ssssweet!

Mezmo #2: Awssssssome!

( Just then, the ninja arrive there just in time)

Jay: It's time to put an end to this and where's my parents?!?

Cole: Yeah! And my dragon!?!

Rattla: Somewhere you won't find out, GET THEM!!!!!!!

( The snakes all attacked them on Rattla's command, but as they began to draw there weapons, the ninja had already transformed into a whirlwind of creation)

All the ninja: NINJA-GO!!!!!

( Their Tornado of Creation destroyed the club and sent the rest of the snakes back home, all except for Rattla and Mezmo, the ninjas all stopped spinning)

Cole: You heard me and friend, where's my dragon and his parents?!?

Rattla: You'll never find out!

( Rattla took out a button and and pressed it, a Rattlecopter emerged from behind a pile of trash and Mezmo and Rattla hopped on and took off)

Cole: Hey!

Jay: They're getting away!

Zane: Save, it, we'll find Rocky and your parents later, first we need to return all this stuff back where it belongs.

Kai: Right!

Cole: Oh, all right, but next time, I'm going to get those snakes for kidnapping my dragon!

Jay: Yeah! And my parents!

( So the ninja all carry the stuff back to their proper places, and then go find Cole's dragon and Jay's parents, but the snakes are plotting another plan nearby...)

Mezmo: Great, now what!?!

Rattla: Now we plot....for revenge.....

The End

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