( Episode begins with the ninja in the Bounty, sleeping...)

( Soon, Sensei walks in banging a gong with a drum stick..)

Ninja: AHHH!!!

( Soon, the ninja are awake, and ready to get training..after they eat their breakfeast...they go down to the deck to train...)

Kai: ( Yawn) Why does Sensei wake us up so early?

Zane: I sense that he fears that one day, an evil will rise, and we will be caught unprepared...

Cole: Well....I'm going to go and train in the forest....

Jay: Why do you always train there?

( Cole shrugged)

Kai: Alright, but if you get into trouble...Sensei sure is going to give us a wipping...

( Cole laughed at that...then, he left, heading towards the WildWood Forest...)

( Once he got there, he took out his Scythe of Quakes, and began to train...but as he did so...he did not notice someone was watching him...)

( Meanwhile, Lloyd was at his friends house playing video games...)

Lloyd: Aww, yeah! Beat you again, Lucius!

Lucius: Alright, fine...

( Just then, Lucius's dad speaks up)

Dad: Lucius! Tell Lloyd he needs to leave! You need to come with me for your bloodshot!

Lloyd: Ewww....

Lucius: Sorry, Lloyd...tomorrow maybe...

( Lloyd leaves, and heads for Destiny's Bounty...just then, he see's a sight of a purple, transperant snake slithering into the sewer..)

Lloyd: Hey, I've seen that snake before...

( Lloyd removes the lid to reveal the entrance into the sewer...then, he goes in...unaware of the dangers to come...)

( Otherwise, Cole is still training in the WildWood Forest...)

Cole: Take that, tree!

( Just then, he hears a hissing sound...)

Voice: Hissss.....

( Cole stays still, he takes out his scythe, ready to fight...)

Cole: Who are you!?....Where are you?!

Voice: That issss...not for you to know....Cole.....

( Cole gasped)

Cole: How-how do you know my name?

Voice: I know a lot of thingssss...thingsss no human being can do....

( Cole backed away from the sound of the voice...a show of distrust on his face)

Cole: Come out...reveal yourself...

Voice: Hehehehehe....

( Cole heard the sound of slithering, he backed away a little, and then...he saw him: PYTHOR?!)

Cole: P-Pythor?

Pythor: isss me...Pythor....I have returned to teach you surfacccce dwellers a lessssson...sssstarting with you...

( Cole showed a mad look, and then he flung his scythe forth making the ground shake...Pythor was dazed a bit, but he soon recovered and took out a ghost-like sword, with purple flames surrounding it...)


( And so the fight began, and just then, a lid from nearby...was removed by Lloyd, and then he climbed up from the slimy tunnel)

Lloyd: Ewww, gross...

( Lloyd, then headed into the forest and leaned against a tree, he found a river...eagerly, he washed himself, and then he heard the sound of Cole and Pythor's battle...)

Cole: Take that!

Lloyd: Huh?

( Lloyd departed from his bath, and headed fo them. Soon, he came to the clearing, and quickly hid behind a bush, and saw Pythor and Cole facing each other, ready for battle...)

Lloyd: ( In his mind) What the?! How is Pythor alive?

( As Lloyd watched, the fight first, Cole was winning, then Pythor...but then, thats when something really bad and shocking happened...)

Pythor: Ok, timesss up!....

( Pythor swings his Ghost Sword, the more he swung it, the more purple fire burned on it. Soon, the purple fire became enormous, and Pythor started spinning, making him perform: SPINJITZU?!)

( Cole and Lloyd gasped, and Pythor slammed into Cole, making him unconcious...Pythor smiled)

Pythor: over, ninja....

( Lloyd gasped, as Pythor used his sword one last time to make him, and Cole disappear. Lloyd came out into the clearing)

Lloyd: OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

To be continued...

Stay tuned for the next part! Pythor's Return Part 2: Unbelievable Battle

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