( The episode starts off with Lloyd walking up to Kai)

Lloyd: Hey Kai, whats up?


Lloyd: I'm really sorry, but I'm not here to appoligize...I just want to know, do you have any stories to tell? I'm very bored.

Kai: I dont know......oh I just remembered, I do.

Lloyd: Really? What is it?

Kai: It's about how I found out Nya was the mysterious, " Samurai X"

Lloyd: This sounds interesting, lets hear it.

Kai: Ok, it all started one day in the bounty....

( Flashback)

Lloyd: First, I'll stomp on his tail...then when he turns, a feather clapped to his ears! Then when he's stunned,I'll disarm him!

Cole: Too late! He's already hypnotized you and now your under his control.

Zane: Or he's already put you in a squeeze.

Kai: Or spit on you with his "halucinatory" venom, trust me bad stuff.

Lloyd:(Sigh) Uncle? Whats the best way to stun a Serpentine, if you dont know what kind they are?

( Sensei sits down at the table with the rest of the team)

Sensei: Sadly, it was the sacred flute you four carelessly lost...

Jay: Hey! We didn't lose it! Pyhtor stole it!

Sensei: Whatever....without it I fear we have nothing to combat their powers...we may have split the Serpentine appart the following day, but they will try to unite again... and one day, they will be stronger.

Cole: Dont worry Sensei. I almost reached my full potential, so when I become the Green Ninja...we're not going to need any magic flute!

Kai: "YOUR" going to become the "GREEN NINJA?" Haha! Dont make me laugh.

Zane: I thought it was decided that "I" will become the destined Green Ninja.

Jay: Thats funny, but the only thing decided about you Zane, is that your wierd.

( All the ninja all start arguing)

Lloyd: Yeah,yeah, yeah....but anyway...whats in the box?

( Sensei opens the box)

Sensei: The ninjas new uniforms.

( The ninja gasp and take their unifroms in exitement)

Jay: Its got like armor!

Kai: I love the gold highlights!

Cole: Battle claws!

Zane: The material is really light and breathable.

Lloyd: Aww, nothing for me?

Sensei: Ummm, you get....uhh, the box?

( Lloyd stares sadly, then instantly, Lloyd interupts Kai's story)

Lloyd: Wait, I was there for that part! Tell me something I dont know.

Kai: Quiet, Green Ninja.....and so anyway, we went down into the bridge to see what was going on...

( Flashback)

Cole: Sorry to break up the moment, boys....but some snakes have been causing trouble over The Mega Monster Amusement Park.

Lloyd:(Exited) Amusement Park!!!!!!! Can I go with you please, I'll be super good!

Sensei: I'm sorry nephew, but you'll stay here where its safe.

Lloyd: Awww, ninja get all the fun.

Jay: What do you say guys? Time to try out the new merchandise?

( Later...on the deck of Destinys Bounty)

Cole: This new stuff looks it'll really protect us!

Zane: Yet provides, more mobility.

Jay: Go ahead and strut yourself on the catwalk, so we can go down to that amusment park and go on some rides!

Kai: I love good old fasioned roller coaster, but nothing beats this!

( The ninja all transform their golden weapons into vehicles and head down to the amusment park)

All the ninja: Wooooo-hoooooo!!!!!

( When the ninja land, they transform their vehicles back to there golden weapons)

Cole: Haha! Check that out! And not a scratch on me!

( In the distance, the four young men can see a gathering croud)

Jay: Ladys relax! Relax! We have arrived.

( But when the ninja saw what teh people were gathering around, they were surprised, there were snakes tied up all in one rope!)

Kai: Umm, what just happened.

Teenage girl: Oh, you totally missed it, there were like some, icky snakes, and then this mysterious Samurai came in, and saved everyone.

Other Teenage girl: He was like, GORGOUS!

Kai:(Stunned)You saw his face?

Teenage girl: Nah, but we can totally tell.

( Instantly, Nya appears and hands the girls some icecream)

Jay: Nya! Your here.

Nya: Yeah, you just missed all the action! He just flew in took care of business and then flew off. It was pretty cool.

( Just then the ninja hear some kids whispering that they like the Samurai better than them)

Kai: Ughhh! Who is this guy?

Cole: Well whoever he is, he's stealing our thunder!

Jay: And we just got these awsome,cool,new suits! Ughhh! I'm going to say it.....I HATE THE SAMURAI!!!!

( Just then, Sensei walks out from a gift shop holding cotton candy)

Sensei: Do I hear a hint of jealousy? Maybe this could be a lesson for you.

Jay:(Grunting) Not another less- hey, how'ed you get here so quick!?!

Sensei: The lesson is " IRON SHARPENS IRON"

Zane: I dont quite get it, Sensei.

Sensei: As the competion will help you reach your true potential faster, do not be jealous of this "Samurai" let it inspire you....(Gasps) FARRIS WHEEL!!!!!!

Jay: Umm, " Inspire?

Kai: Wait a minute, maybe the old mans right.

Cole:( Stunned) You want us to brawl with the SamuraI? He's got, awsome weapons,cool gadgets, and a giant Exo suit!

Jay: Yeah! I think our goose is cooked!

Kai: No! I mean that we each try to catch him and find out his identity, a competition, between us.

Zane: Oh, I get whoever catches the identity of this masked heroe will become the destined Green Ninja?

Kai: Precisely.

Jay: I LOVE it!!!

Cole: Then its a bet, may the Green ninja win.

All: NINJA-GO!!!!

( So the ninja all set out to try to lure the Samurai into a trap to lure his identity....)

( Zane goes off into the Northern prevences to look for the Samurai and stop some snakes...eventually, he's too late...the Samurai has gotten there first and has tied the snakes up in one rope)

( Kai goes into the Forest of Tranquility to look for the Samurai and stop some snakes as well, he's too late, in fact. The Samuarai has managed to spring a net on the snakes and on Kai)

(Cole goes off into the Caves of Despair to look for the Samuarai and stop some snakes...the Samurai stops the snakes, but Cole ambushes him...but the Samurai shoots a missle staright for Cole, which leads him landing on the wall and to a broken arm)

( Jay is luring the Samurai by pretending he's a girl trapped on a train track about to be run over by a train...but the Samurai saves him and flys off)

( Then, when it is Kai's turn to look after Lloyd, he dropped him off in an arcade to look for the Samuarai, just then, again, Lloyd interrupts the story again)

Lloyd: Wait! I was the one who expierienced that part... so skip it.

Kai: Very well then... so back at the Bounty....

( Flashback)

Cole: Ughh, trying to find this Samurai's identity is like trying to balance all four of us on top of Lloyd...any luck with you?

Jay: Nope, this guys like a moment he's there, the next he's gone....

Zane: I'm starting to believe we might never catch him.

Kai: I think its safe to say...none of us are closer on proving we're the Green Ninja.

( Suddenly, Sensei appears through the front door)

Sensei: Looks like Iron is sharpening Iron, I feel your getting closer to your true potential..

( Sensei taps Cole on the arm)

Cole: Owww!

Sensei: Where's my nephew? I thought you were looking after him...

Kai: I thought Cole was going to pick him up.

Cole: Well, I went to the arcade but he wasnt there, Jay was-

Jay: Hey dont bring me into this! I babysat yesterday!

Zane: Sensei, we have not seen him.

Sensei: We must find the boy.

( So the ninja arrive in the alley where Kai dropped him off)

Kai: Lloyd? Lloyd!! He was right here... someone must have seen him.

Cole:( Pointing towards a security camera) Hey guys, check this out!

( So the four ninja all go to the control room where there was photo footage off what appeared in the alley)

Jay: Wait! Theres the pipsqueak! Play that back!

( Cole played the tape back and the ninja saw he had bought some type of " Snake Disguise")

Jay: What is he up too?

( So the ninja check the back of the alley where they saw Lloyd go to)

Zane: I sense these are Lloyds footprints...but they come to an end here. Why?

Kai: Something tells me, we're going for a ride. Come on boys!

( The ninja all transform their weapons into vehicles and drive off into the dessert looking for Lloyd...instantly, they see The City of Ouraboorus up ahead)

Cole: What is that place?

Jay: Looks like " Snake City"

Kai: Lets get a closer look.

( In the city, the ninja all sneak in without being seen by the guards, and into the battle arena in the city)

Zane: It seems that Pythor has successfully united all the Serpentine tribes.

Jay: I knew we ruined their last get together, so thats not a reason to get and invitation, my feelings are hurt.

Kai: Theres Lloyd!

( He pointed to Lloyd inside a cage next to a statue of an enormous snake)

Jay: And I think thats who they worship.

Cole: Let me guess...The Great Devourer

Kai: All the more reason to get Lloyd out of here...this comes to an end....TODAY!

( The ninja all sprint foward, but they all get captured in a small cylinder cage...the snakes turn around to see what happened, and Lloyd gasps. As soon as the ninja had recovered Pythor is in front of them)

Pythor: Looks like we caught the main event....Bwaaahahahaha!

( So the snake warriors take the ninjas weapons away and are taken to the center of the arena)

Jay: Main event? What did he mean by main event!?!

Kai: I have a feeling "WE'RE" the main event.

Cole: Or the main course!

Zane: Kai, you may be right..things really "MAY" come to an end today.

Jay:( Nervously) Dont worry! The Samurai can still be around to save us!

Pythor:( Announcing) You say you wanted a battle...and I give you one! I give you.....Ninja Vs Samurai!!!

( The ninja step back as the Samuarai X emerges from a cage inside the city)

All the ninja: Gulp!

Jay: What!?! We have to fight the Samuarai!?!? But we dont even have our golden weapons, he has that clunky thing of armor, its not fair!!!

Pythor: I want to see once and for all, who is the greatest hero? Is it Samurai? Or ninja? Only the victor will be aloud to leave!

Kai: Saty together!

Zane: Perhaps he can join our team to fight our way out.... after all, he hates the Serpentine too.

( The Samurai takes out a giant, golden katana and strikes it on the ground, narrowly missing the ninja)

Cole: Zane, he's is definatlly "NOT" on our team.

( So the rest of the day, the ninja fought, trying to dodge the Samurai's every move...but they knew they couldnt keep this on forever)

Zane: Tornado of Creation?

( The ninjas all nodded in agreement)

Cole: Earth!

Kai: Fire!

Zane: Ice!

Jay: Lightning!

All: NINJA-GO!!!!!

( The Samurai stepped back ready to fight, but even he knew he couldnt handle the force of their tornados all together... suddenly, the ninja stopped spinning, their tornado force had created a slingshot with a spiky ball in it, which of course, brought the Samurai down. They ran towards Pythor and Skales)

Skales: What now?

( Pyhtor smiled and pulled a lever that revealed spikes in front of the ninja)

Jay: Not fair!

( Pythor pulled the lever back, and turned the floor verticle.... leading the ninja to hang onto the spikes to keep from falling)

Cole: Could this get any worse?!?!

Samurai: We must begin to be appearing to be fighting for real.

Jay: Huh? We're not fighting for real?

Samurai: Keep it up, and hold on to my exo suit.

( All the ninja hopped on the Exo suit, as the Samurai turned it on and flew off, but it had too much weight)

Kai: Threre's too much weight!

( The Samurai hopped off his suit and flew off)

Cole: I cant beleive he just saved us!

Kai: He stole our thunder again!!!

Jay: Ughhhh!!! I hate that Samurai!

( Pythor watched the ninja fly out of the city on top of the suit... just as the Samurai was headed towards Pythor and Skales. Pyhtor grabbed Lloyd)

Pythor: Get Him!!!!!

( Now the Samurai was surrounded with at least the whole Serpentine, but he wasnt scared....he acctivated his magnitizer and got the golden weapons and flew off on his jetpack)


( The Samurai bowed and flew off, meanwhile the ninja all on the suit crashed into the dessert with the suit...they got up, but when they did Kai was no where to be found)

Jay: Where's Kai!!!??!!!

( Nearby, Kai had landed someplace near his friends but he couldnt see them anywhere)

Kai: Guys?

( The Samurai had run low on fuel and crashed near Kai... eagerly, he ran off towrads the spot)

Samurai: Testing...testing.

( Kai was hiding behind some rocks as the Samurai took off his helmet, it appeared the person has short black hair)

Kai:(Gasping) Nya?

( Nya put her helmet back on)

Nya/Samurai: Steer clear ninja..dont look! ( She took her helmet off again) At, me...

Kai: I dont understand....your the Samurai?

Nya: It was always a boys never let me try and help, so I found my own way to be a

Kai: Mad? Are you kidding? Of Course I'm not mad, its just... all this time I was trying to protect you, and you never needed it... your amazing!

Nya: Girl Power.... Your not going to tell the others, are you?

Kai: But we have a bet... we said whoever caught the Samurai would be the Green-

( Kai looked at Nya's face)

Kai: Of course I wont say anything... how'ed you make all this stuff?

Nya: Umm, brother, hello I had enough spare time while waiting for you guys to come back from your missions, plus, we used to live in a blacksmith shop, so... it wasnt better head back before anyone gets suspicious. We'll have to rescue Lloyd another day.

( Nya hands Kai the golden weapons)

Kai: Nya, whenever I get in trouble, the other three always have my back... but you... just be careful, will you?

Nya:(Nodding) Promise.

Kai: But how are you going to get back?

Nya: I have my ways.

( She presses a button on her helmet which calls her exo suit not so far away...)

Jay: Kai?

Zane: Kai!!!

( Instantly, they hear the exo suit rising about to lift off)

Jay: Quick! Get it! Its gonna get away!

( But they are too late, the exo suit takes off)

Jay:( Panting) Great, just we lost Kai, the Samurai suit is gone, and we have no way to get home.

Kai: I wouldnt say that.

( The ninja all turn to see Kai holding the golden weapons!)

( Later, at the Bounty...)

Kai: He was so mysterious...never said a word, and then handed me the golden weapons and, poof, he was gone.

Cole: Poof? He just poofed!?!

Jay: Whoa,whoa wait a minute Kai, if the Samurai had the most powerful, legendary, and unpredictble weapons in the whole wide world, why would he just give them back to you?

Kai:Ummmm, I dont know maybe she's-

( Nya shook her head)

Kai: I mean he's not so bad after all. All I do know is that we owe him our lives, maybe he's made of solid a little better.

Zane: I sense this means the bet is off.

Sensei: More importantly, my nephew has found his way into the den of all snakes, I fear he has no chance of being rescued now....

Kai: Sensei, there's always a way.

Cole: And dont worry, we'll find it.

( Sensei grins and shuts the door Nya is just about to head to bed when Sensei walks up to her)

Sensei: I think you forgot....this?

( Sensei hands Nya's boomerang blade to her)

Sensei: Iron sharpens Iron, and Sibling....sharpens Sibling.

( Nya smiles and heads to bed)

Kai: And that was what the lesson was about...end of story.

Lloyd: Wow...that was a cool story, do you have any more?

Kai:It's already nightime!

Lloyd: Really? When did you start telling the story?

Kai: 8:00 A.M.!!!

Lloyd: 0_o

The End

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