Dear everybody who applies to this Wiki,

I just want to say....that this is an enormously awsome website which gives me more information about the show,books, characters, and just some new things I have never heard about. I just LOVE the show, websites, and characters!(especially Cole(yes I have a crush on him...go ahead call me crazy, I'm used to it) anyway, when I found this website, I felt like I just found a valuable treasure,valuable to people who have the power to wield it( a thing Sensei Wu himself would say.) When I came here(I didnt actually come here on purpose I found it) I was welcomed,a stranger, but the people and staff accepted me like any other normal person( like in Zanes village, people accepted him in as one of their own.) I was exited to come here, exited to learn and find out what I need to know about ninjago... so I can please myslef( like Jay was exited on becoming a ninja.) Although I'm not older, I still like to come here, where I can meet new friends and show them what I learn from the shows and books(as Cole wanted to show his team the importance on being one.) When I come here, I learn things about the show and meet new friends...even though they dont understand me sometimes, I still want to make new friends on this Wiki...such as using the chat...but I have to wait for them to respond which ironically annoys me(such as it drives Kai crazy when he waits.) When I first saw the show, I got interested and started searching it up and learning what I need to know about it... and who would have known this was the most great place for information? Anyway, I learn,chat and entertain myself by going to this website everyday and night....(such as reading articles,publishing and editing things to articles, or reading made-up ninjago episodes.)

So, if any of you Ninjago fans,Ninjago PRODUCERS and CAST, and Wiki staff read this....then you'll know what I think of the show and this Wiki.... I'll say to the show-makers and cast that they made a good job on making Ninjago the coolest show to me and other fans out there, and I'll say to the staff that they made a good job making this Wiki(if they did) and a good job making its cool features.

Finally I would say the show and Wiki "ENORMOUSLYROCKS!!!!!!"

Sincerely, the biggest Ninjago fan,


P.S. When I'm in this site I feel like this:

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