( Episode begins inside the Hypnobrais tomb)

Slithra: Hmph! Skales issss sssstill in the lead everssssince, he ssssstole my sssstaff and challenged me to a fight, and won.....but I'll get my revenge...

( Just then, Skales slithers towards Slithra)

Skales: What are you doing?

Slithra: Eh, nothing, jussst passssing the time...

Skales: ( Squints his eyes) Hmmm, alright, it sssseemssss you were planning on something, but sssince you ssssaid not, I'll believe you. But I'll keep my EYES on you.

( Skales slithers away backwards and finally leaves)

Slithra: Whew! That wassss closssse, now, time for my plan of revenge....heeheehee...

( Just then two warriors known as Rattla and Mezmo walk towards him)

Mezmo: Yo, whatsss up man?

Rattla: Yeah?

Slithra: Jussst plotting...

Mezmo: About what?

Rattla: Yeah, dude?

Slithra: About REVENGE.

Rattle and Mezmo: Huh?

Slithra: I'll explain later, first, we need to head towards the Spirit Coves...

( So the three snake warriors all get out of their chilly domain, and head for the Spirit Coves)

Rattla: Hey said you were going to explain to usss why we're here?

Slithra: I'm planning revenge on Skales!

Mezmo: ( Gasps) What? Your crazy!

Slithra: Tell all the statements you want, but I'm still going with my plan...

Rattla: He'll flip when he finds out! Or worse, KILL you for thissss!

Slithra: Yeah, and that would mean he'll kill you two too!

( Mezmo and Rattla gulp)

Slithra: But dont worry, I dont think Skales will finish us off after thisss...

( The three snakes go inside the cove, its dark, but thanks to Mezmo, it would have stayed that way. The snakes searched with the help of Mezmos torch...but they couldnt find anything...)

Slithra: Ughhh! Where is it!

Rattla: What, man?

Mezmo: Kr-Kraken!!!!!

( Now the snakes saw a form of a giant serpent taking up most of the caves's red hypnotic eyes flashed as it saw the intruders)

Slithra: That!


Mezmo: Again. Your nuts!!!

Slithra: Shhhh! It can sense arguments you know!

( Slithra walks towards the creature, and it lowered its head)

Slithra: Ssssssorry to interupt, but could you help ussss? We're trying to get revenge-

Rattla: YOU are trying to get revenge!

Slithra: Shut it. Anyway, I want revenge on my leader and so, could you please hypnotize him?

Mezmo: But cant YOU just hypnotize him?

Slithra: I said shussssh! He'll sssslap me if I try...

( But when Slithra turned around, the Kraken lifted its massive head and hypnotized Slithra inside a trance)

Slithra: ( Hypnotizingly)

Kraken: Roarrrrr!!!!

Slithra: Yessss, massster...

( Slithra ( Zombie-ish) walks towards Mezmo and Rattla, and uses his hypnotizing powers to hypnotize them as well)

Rattla and Mezmo: ( Hypnotizingly) What sssshall you have ussss do, massster?

Slithra: ( Hypnotizingly) Letssss attack Ninjago city!!!

Rattla and Mezmo: Yessss, massster...

( So the three snakes left and headed to Ninjago city and invaded it...the Kraken following..)

Slithra: Now what massster?

( Seeing the citizens all fleeing in terror, the creature replied...)

Kraken: ROARRRRR!!!!!

Slithra: Yesss, massster..Mezmo! Rattla!

Rattla: What, massster?

Mezmo: What next, massster?

Slithra: We invade Jamonikai village for candy!!!

Rattla: Yay!!!

Mezmo: Asss pleased, massster...

( So the snakes all go to Jamonikai village and invade the candy store for its delicious candy)

Slithra: Ahhh, thisss isss the life...sssso whats next, massster?


Slithra: Asss with pleasure, masssster..

Mezmo: Whatssss next?

Rattla: Yeah, masssster?

Slithra: We go and get a person!

Rattla and Mezmo: With pleasssure, massster..

( And so the snakes head back to Ninjago city and kidnap, Lou, Coles father)

Lou: ( Song) Heeeellllppp!!!

( The snakes then head back to the coves, eat their candy, and lock Lou inside a special cage built out of Venge Stone)

Lou: Just you wait! My son and his friends will do something about this!

Slithra: You in what army?

( The snakes then leave, leaving Lou alone in the caves)

Lou: I do hope I escape before the out concert tonight!

( Meanwhile, in the Destinys Bounty...)

Kai: Oh yeah! Highscore!

( Just then Zane and Lloyd come in)

Zane: Kai, have you been playing video games, ALL day?

Kai: No.

Lloyd: Then why did Sensei said you didn't come down to train?

Kai: ( Blushes) Ummm, hehe, well ok, you got me. But its no big deal, right?

Lloyd: is.

( Just then, Jay barges inside)

Jay: Come look at this!

Zane, Kai and Lloyd: What is it?

Jay: No time for queshtions, just come!!!!

( Kai, Zane, and Lloyd all follow Jay to the living room where Nya, Cole, and Sensei seem to be watching the News)

News reporter: Attention Ninjago! You should be informed that today, some snakes have been spotted in Ninjago City and in Jamonikai village....they also had a big one along with them. And lets hear more from our second news reporter, Jessie Banks!

Jessie: Thanks Frank, and so today we saw the snakes come to Jamonikai and Ninjago City, actually twice to be doing some mischievious doings.

Boy on screen: Well, me and my pal were just playing when my mom told us to get inside, we didnt know why but we soon saw a three snakes and a giant one heading this way.

Mystake: I saw those freaky snakes come here earlier and invade a candy shop! A CANDY SHOP!!!

Candy shop owner: Now that my business is ruined, I'll have to go back to making paper swans alone in my house, thanks to those snakes!

Jessie: Also earlier, the snakes, again came back to the City to steal a member of The Royal Blacksmiths highly known as Lou.

( Cole nearly choked)

Frank: All people of Ninjago. This has been an announcement from the Ninjago News Network, so everyone, especially familys, stay home, lock your doors, and watchout for those snakes!

( Jay switched off the TV and everyone looked at eachother)


Zane: Calm down, we'll get him back.

Kai: But why would those snakes want to do that? Cole hasnt done anything threatening to them.

Cole: I dont care! All I care about is my dad!!!

Jay: Ok, revenge or not. Lets stop them!

( So the ninja all head to the snakes location using their snakes sensors)

( Meanwhile, in their location...)

Slithra: What do we do know, massster?


Slithra: Asss you wisssh, letssss go and catch a ninja!!!

Rattla and Mezmo: YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

( Just then the ninja arrive)

Cole: Wheres my dad?!?

Zane: Cole! Calm yourself...first things,first.

Kai: They seem to be taking orders from the big one....

Jay: Oh yeah? Well then, lets snap them out!

( So the ninja all get ready to fight)

Slithra: What do we do?

Kraken: ROARRRRR!!!!!

Slithra: Right, ATTACK!!!!!!!!

( The snakes fought against the ninja and they tried to use thier weapons to snap the snakes out of their trances, but had no luck so far)

Jay: Ughhh, this is impossible!

Cole: Well we cant quit now! Not with my father in hostage!

Zane: If only we had the Anti-Venom for this, problem..

Kai: Anti-Venom, Anti... thats it!

Jay: What?

Kai: ( In a low whisper) We go talk with Skales and convince him to snap these scaly fiends out!

Zane: Are you insane!

Cole: Well, its all we got, so, lets try it!

( So the ninja leave to the Hypnobrai tomb leaving the snakes out in the desert)

( Meanwhile, in the tomb...)

Skales: Hmmmm, where is Rattla, Mezmo, and Slithra? They should've been back by-

( Just then, the ninja crash through the roof)

Jay: Ok, thats the LAST time we use fire to blast in here!

( Skales slithers up to them)

Skales: Awww come on! I just had that roof fixed!

Zane: Sorry.

Skales: By the way, what are you doing here?

Jay: Ummm, we need your help.

Skales: Help? Help! Hahaha! Why would I HELP you?

Cole: Just listen.

Jay: Ok, three of your warriors, Rattla, Mezmo, and Slithra have gone out to get revenge on you...

Skales: Go on.

Cole: And they were trying to hypnotize a Giant Kraken but ironically failed, and got hypnotized themselves...and so they've been doing bad deeds throughout Ninjago, they stole candy and kidnapped my father!

Kai: And thats why we need YOUR help, to use your staff to snap-them-out.

( Skales thought for a minute, and he finally replied...)

Skales: Alright, but after thisss, you owe me 20 bucks to repair our roof.

Zane: Sure.

Jay: Yeah, whatever, lets just go!

( The snakes were somewhere else near the Caves of Despair, where the Ultra Dragon was flying freely)

Rattla: Letssss, get it!

( But just when they were about to charge...Skales and the Ninja came in...)

Skales: You!

Rattla: Us?

( Skales grunted and used his staff to snap them out of their trances)

Slithra: Ughhh, what happened?

( Slithra looked up at Skales, who's eyes were furious..)

Skales: You warriors are going into my personal dungeon! ( He pulls Rattla, Mezmo, and Slithra away, byt their ears)

Rattla: Ow!

Mezmo: But general, we werent part of the plan! Sssslithra made usss-

Skales: Shut it! ( He slithers towards Jay) Wheres my money?

( Jay sighs and hands him 20 bucks, Skales eagerly leaves...)

Cole: Ok, now that thats settled, where's my dad?

Jay: ( Laughs) Dont worry, we'll find him, I heard that Krakens lived in the Spirit lets search there!

Kai: Right!

( And so the ninja all head towards the Spirit Coves, free Cole's dad, bring him back home, and head to the Bounty)

Cole: Ahhh...finally my dad is safe and sound!

Jay: And the snakes wont be bothering us for awhile!

Zane: But I wonder, whatever happened to the Kraken?

Kai: Yeah. What happened to it?

Jay: Oh I'll tell you what happened to it ( Snickers) Skales too it home!

Zane: Thats pretty bad.

Jay: Not if you really think about, he punishing it right now!

( Eventually, Jay was correct, of course Skales punished it and the three snakes. I guess they learned their lesson: Think, before you Hypnotize)

The End

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