Hello NEDR1508 here! And I've got more episodes for you!

Here they are!:


When a likely storm crosses across Ninjago...the ninja are trapped inside the Bounty until the storm passes...but it doesnt, which is unlikely odd.

#2:Pythors Return

Cole is training alone in the forest when he sees Pythor!?

#3:Fangtoms Revenge

Fangtom still wants revenge on Jay, and so he thinks of a plan more threatening then taking Nya....

#4:Comic Challenge

Lloyd hears about the "Comic Challenge" and enters to win 1,000,000,0000 comic books...but some snakes enter as well.

#5:Samukais Return!

The ninja get suprised ( and Garmadon) that Samukai has rised from the dead, and is now invincible!

The one with the most votes will be posted on Friday 31st. So vote,vote,vote!

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