Hello all Wiki users out there! Today, Im finally making my 2nd annual, Episode Voting!

So here they are:

#1:Vampires VS Fangpyre

Vampires rise up from thier graves and challenge the Fangpyre.

#2:Green Team

Lasha and Spitta enter the annual Snakelympics to win the Gold medal, but the ninja are watching they're every move......

#3:Stone Problem

Cole accidentally releases something that cannot be tamed: A Stoneosaurus!

#4:Mind Control

Slithra wants revenge on Skales for taking the he persuades Rattla and Mezmo to come and help him Hypnotize a giant Kraken.....but instead of IT, the Kraken gains control of THEM.

#5:Concealed Ice

Zane runs into Pythor, and they fight....but he gets captured, and is locked inside......TorchFire Mountain!!!!!

You know what to do, see which ones you like best, and vote vote vote!

( I will post the one with the most votes on next Tuesday, August 14,2012)

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