Hi! It's Ninjagoenormouslyrocks1508! And boy do I have a surprise for you!

I've been inspired by SecretJinxs Episode I have decided to make one as well!

Here are the Episodes......

#1: Ghostly Treatment

Jay runs into an ancient Ghost in the Graveyard, and is turned into a ghost. The Ghost will only turn him back into human if...he retrieves four items for him....but Jay has a bad feeling about doing it.

#2: Extreme Punishment

Lloyd messes with Kai's game console, and Kai throws a fit and goes after him. Lloyd is instantly punished, which ticks him off.During his punishment, Lloyd sees that some snakes( sent by Pythor) are after Flame,he tries to tell Kai, but Kai ignores him, so Lloyd needs to find a way to warn him and everybody on the ship...before its too late.

#3: Poison Spell

Cole gets cast a spell upon himself, when he runs into Lasha and Spitta. He needs to figure out how to reverse it before he meets his end.

#4: The Great Devourer Awakens.....Again?!?

The ninja are all shocked to hear that The Great Devourer is back and is threatening on destroying them and Ninjago.

#5: Pythor's Challenge

Pythor challenges Zane alone in the most dangerous place in the world.....Torchfire Mountain!

The episode with the most votes will be posted on August 1st ( My birthday) So vote on the episode you like best! Vote! Vote! Vote!

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