( Episode begins with Cole and Jay training on the deck)

Jay: Haha! You think you can beat me?

Cole: Oh I know I can!

( Suddenly, Sensei, Lloyd and Nya arrive in the deck)

Sensei: What are you two doing?

Jay: Fight Training.

Nya: What?

Cole: Practice fighting... so we could be prepared to battle eneimies like the Serpentine.

Lloyd: Ohhh! Can I try? Looks fun!

Sensei: No Lloyd... it looks to dangerous for you.

Lloyd: Aww! But they get to do it!

Nya: They're older can train later.

( Lloyd walks off to his room, gloomily. Instantly, Kai and Zane arrive on the ship, yelling)

Kai: Guys! We just spotted some snakes near the- what the hell are you doing?

Cole: Practice fighting.

Jay: Yeah! it really helps with training!

Zane: Oh, good, that your not really fighting....

Cole: Ummm, could you imagine me fighting with Jay?

Jay: Yeah! He's one of my best friends! Next to you two.

Sensei: What snakes are they?

Zane: We're not sure...but we do remember that they had grey and blue markings.

Cole: Obviously they "Hypnobrai."

Kai: Then we better get moving, we overherad that they're planning on attacking....the eastern mountains.

Jay:(Gasps) Eastern mountians! Thats were my parents live!!!!

Nya: Then you better head for there at once....I saw them heading there with the " Fangpyre"

Sensei: Then you need to head there now! Before its too late!

All the ninjas: Yes,Sensei.

( So the ninja head for the eastern mountians to stop the two snake tribes from raiding the villages,or far worse hurt anybody.)

Fangtom: Attack!


( The two tribes all attack the villagers on their generals command..just as they were about to draw their weapons, the four ninja arrive just in time)

Cole: Games over snakes, we're going to lock you up where you came from!

Fangtom: Attack!!!!

Skales: Attack them!!!!

( In the past few hours, the ninja were defeating snakes using their dinamic forces)

Jay: This is too easy!

( But, as soon as half of the snakes were finished off....Skales came up to Jay and enlarged his red,hypnotic eyes)

Skales:(Hypnotizingly) You will every command...

Jay:(Hypnotized) I...will....obey....your...every....command...

Cole: Jay!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

( Cole went over to stop Skales from hypnotizing Jay...but he was too late)

Jay: Sssssssssurender!

Kai: Uh,oh! Jay is under the Hypnobrais control...sure we can handle snakes, but our best friend?!?

Zane: Then we need to find out how to "unhypnotize" him and fast!

Skales: Attack him! My ninja!

Jay: Hissssssssssssss......

Cole:(In his head) Oh,n.....what do I do? I cant fight Jay! He'll get hurt. But its not his fault he's doing this....I need to find a way to reverse the venom....quick!

( So, Cole fought Jay....but did not try to hurt him....then suddenly, he remembered a way to reverse the venom)

Cole: The staff!

Kai: What?

Cole: The Hypnobrai staff! It conceals the anti-venom to reverse the hypnosis the snake chanted on the victim.

Zane: Ok, well how do we get with the snakes and Jay in the way?

( Cole thought for a moment....then he found an easy answer...he would need to distract the snakes and Jay)

Cole: I got it! I distract Jay and the snakes while you two sneak past the General and nabb the staff.

Kai: But you'll get hurt!

Cole: I know its a risk, but its the only way! Do it!

Zane: Lets go Kai, time to sneak in.

( So Cole distracted the snakes and Jay guarding Skales and Fangtom while Kai and Zane snuck behind Skales and took the staff)

Skales: After them! We cant let them reverse their friends hypnosis!

Kai: Well too late!

( Kai used the fountain to reverse Jay's and some villagers hypnosis)

Jay: head.

Cole: Looks like your back.

Jay: What happened to you?.......

Cole: Well, its a long story....but dont worry, my injuries will heal.

Kai: Good, because we need you to stay intact, to be ready for the next fight.

Zane: I guess we'll have a story to tell Sensei once we get back to the Bounty.

Jay: Yeah, and an explanation to me...of what just happened.

Cole: Lets just head back to the Bounty, its good to have you back, Jay.

( When the ninja all arive at the Bounty, Cole gets his injuries treated and Jay gets an explanation about what happened)

Kai: You know what Zane?

Zane: What?

Kai: I think Cole was wrong about not having to face his friends.....because today, he had to face one of them..

Zane: Yes, I guess your right,Kai.

( Just then, Lloyd comes in and starts acting all innocent for a reason)

Lloyd: I swear I didn't do it!

Kai: What?

Lloyd: Messed with your video game?

Kai:(In fury)I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!

( Lloyd runs as fast as he can as Kai chases him)

Zane: I guess Kai will have a battle against one of his friends too...

The End

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