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  • I live in Ninjago
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Being a Universe Bender...
  • I am TOTALLY A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    I'm free at the moment so does anyone want to?

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    I mean, some people did it for other shows like Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball...LEGO even made a Christmas calender for Star Wars, but can't they make a Halloween and Christmas Special on Ninjago?

    I mean imagine it, theres Garmadon with his family, the Ninajs having a snowball figt'll be cool...even Zane would be having fun!

    Its a simple queshtion, if you don't agree, thats ok....if you do, thank you.

    Happy Holidays to all!!!

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    ( Episode begins with the ninja in the Bounty, sleeping...)

    ( Soon, Sensei walks in banging a gong with a drum stick..)

    Ninja: AHHH!!!

    ( Soon, the ninja are awake, and ready to get training..after they eat their breakfeast...they go down to the deck to train...)

    Kai: ( Yawn) Why does Sensei wake us up so early?

    Zane: I sense that he fears that one day, an evil will rise, and we will be caught unprepared...

    Cole: Well....I'm going to go and train in the forest....

    Jay: Why do you always train there?

    ( Cole shrugged)

    Kai: Alright, but if you get into trouble...Sensei sure is going to give us a wipping...

    ( Cole laughed at that...then, he left, heading towards the WildWood Forest...)

    ( Once he got there, he took out his Scythe of Quakes, and began to tra…

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    Hello NEDR1508 here! And I've got more episodes for you!

    Here they are!:

    When a likely storm crosses across Ninjago...the ninja are trapped inside the Bounty until the storm passes...but it doesnt, which is unlikely odd.

    Cole is training alone in the forest when he sees Pythor!?

    Fangtom still wants revenge on Jay, and so he thinks of a plan more threatening then taking Nya....

    Lloyd hears about the "Comic Challenge" and enters to win 1,000,000,0000 comic books...but some snakes enter as well.

    The ninja get suprised ( and Garmadon) that Samukai has rised from the dead, and is now invincible!

    The one with the most votes will be posted on Friday 31st. So vote,vote,vote!

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    ( Episode begins inside the Hypnobrais tomb)

    Slithra: Hmph! Skales issss sssstill in the lead everssssince, he ssssstole my sssstaff and challenged me to a fight, and won.....but I'll get my revenge...

    ( Just then, Skales slithers towards Slithra)

    Skales: What are you doing?

    Slithra: Eh, nothing, jussst passssing the time...

    Skales: ( Squints his eyes) Hmmm, alright, it sssseemssss you were planning on something, but sssince you ssssaid not, I'll believe you. But I'll keep my EYES on you.

    ( Skales slithers away backwards and finally leaves)

    Slithra: Whew! That wassss closssse, now, time for my plan of revenge....heeheehee...

    ( Just then two warriors known as Rattla and Mezmo walk towards him)

    Mezmo: Yo, whatsss up man?

    Rattla: Yeah?

    Slithra: Jussst p…

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