Zane is a Ninorid who was built by Doctor Julian and stayed Dr Julian death in 2003, ok I maybe saying non-sense but if you see Kai and Nya was 13 or 14 go back in time 1998 that is where is Dr Julian died. Zane has been the 3rd ninorid son of Dr Julian but Echo Zane was the 2nd or 1st ninorid but the other of Dr Julian ninorid is unknown so Zane had no clue that he had brothers in back in time. 

Zane did stay with Julian death at 10 or 11 as like others Ninjas. Truth is when he lost his memories, when he did he thought he was a human and he noticed how to walk, eat, change and other stuff by learning himself to his success survival in back in time. 

Zane Powers of Ice

Truth is that Dr Julian was the Master of Ice, Dr Julian didn't know how to use his powers or had not known he was the Master of Ice so Dr Julian put his DNA or he just put a power source to make Zane have any powers came like example. 

Example :







Like all that Dr Julian may use but he could use his own opinion that he will give Zane with Ice powers. 

Found in website.

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