Hi! I need you guys to vote for me. It's just for fun. Which one do you think is best? Each person has 1 vote. Use it well. Entries must be in before June 11th. Here are the episodes:


  • 1. Rise of the Dark Lord - When Jay and Nya get married the worst thing happens--Lord Garmadon Returns!
  • 2. The Attack - Lord Garmadon plots an attack on the ninja's HQ destroying their home.
  • 3. Jay's Problem - Jay has problems with his spinjitzu making him weaker.
  • 4. The Bounty M2 - The ninjas build a new HQ called: The Bounty M2.
  • 5. The Golden Ninja - The ninjas get help from the legendary Golden Ninja and are shocked by it's identey.
  • 6. Return of the Serpentine - The ninjas search for any remaining Serpentine to help them.
  • 7. This Is It pt.1 - The ninjas (along with Pythor) attempt to kill Lord Garmadon and save Ninjago.
  • 8. This Is It pt.2 - Pythor sacrfices his life to save the ninjas when they get captured.


Write yor names under the one you think is best.





* CaptainJones123





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