Hi guys, me again, with an idea...

I think we should have talk pages instead of message walls.


  • Smaller than message walls, which can be hard to organize and difficult to find what you need.
  • Allows for signatures
  • Allows coding and templates
  • More personalized and more options


  • Some users may forget to sign their name
  • Some users may forget to title their messages

Please vote in the comments, using

Support - Support. This is the support template. Use it to show you support my idea.


Oppose - Oppose. This is the oppose template. Use it to show you oppose my idea.


Neutral - Neutral. This is the neutral template. Use it to show your neutrality.

If this blog post gets more support than opposition, I'll tell Legodude about it and see if he wants to change. (he's the boss, that's why. :P)

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