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    November 28, 2012 by MisterGryphon

    I've spent my every waking moment with my thoughts on this website since March 11, 2012. I'd made my best friends here, had good times and bad, but through everything I've always had friends to stand by me when I needed something. Because of a petty incident on chat, I've been demoted. I've decided - that since I have been promised bureaucrat for many months and apparently, if Legodude had been a faithful, truthful, mature leader, I would have had my rights 2 weeks ago, one week ago, last Monday, this Monday, and I'd be recieving them next week as well as right after Christmas. None of that ever happened and it never will. I no longer feel any need to remain, as my rights have been removed and I can no longer aid this wiki in any way whatsoev…

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  • MisterGryphon

    Talk Pages/Message Walls

    September 10, 2012 by MisterGryphon

    Hi guys, me again, with an idea...

    I think we should have talk pages instead of message walls.

    • Smaller than message walls, which can be hard to organize and difficult to find what you need.
    • Allows for signatures
    • Allows coding and templates
    • More personalized and more options

    • Some users may forget to sign their name
    • Some users may forget to title their messages

    Please vote in the comments, using



    If this blog post gets more support than opposition, I'll tell Legodude about it and see if he wants to change. (he's the boss, that's why. :P)

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  • MisterGryphon

    I'd like to request the staff rights: Administrator.

    I know I'm not even a chatmod, but recently, with the heavy amounts of vandalism we've been experiencing I think it would be good to have another admin.

    And with the amount of staff we've lost recently, it would be good to have another admin.

    Vote with your opinion in the comments below please! :)

    Please vote here: Ninjago Wiki:Requests for Rights/Administrator/MisterGryphon

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  • MisterGryphon

    Ok guys there's a small problem with the wiki, and I'm gonna make some bulletpoints to show you all the reasons why someone needs to take serious action about the state of the wiki.

    • Underage users are running rampant and no one's taking any action.
    • Bad edits are being made and no one is fixing them except me.
    • No one makes edits anymore except Wikia contributors and me.
    • Half the staff is inactive and the other half isn't doing their job.

    Hey, come on guys, where's our drive? What are we doing? Do what we started out to do here in the first place!

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  • MisterGryphon


    June 7, 2012 by MisterGryphon

    Hey guys! I suppose you're wondering why I called you here today...

    Ok enough with the comedian act... :P

    Basically I think it would be a good idea if we kept all FANON (role playing stories, fan fictions, random pictures that were only used once and never touched again) material out of this wiki, and on this wiki. It'll help keep this wiki as a definite source of information, and it'll help the ol' fanon wiki get popular again! I also need an assistant admin over there, so that would be great if one of you volunteered.


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