So yeah, I'm from the other Ninjago Wiki, which some of you consider the largest competitor to this site. I'm in charge of public relations for that wiki, and my PR team and I decided that our two wikis' competition has become a bit unfriendly.

Due to some of this unfriendly competition, it's damaging our site's community, and causing quite a few problems. That's where I come in.

I'm here to build relations between the two wikis, so that they can peacefully compete. As shown in history and taught as the number one way to progress in business, competition is what drives everything forward. If there were no competition, none of us would make any progress in our goals to be a complete Ninjago reference site.

The one problem with competition is the fact of maturity. Since both wikis' age groups point to a younger audience, there is a lack of maturity in the community. That's where all of the staff on both of our wikis have gone wrong, is to let this cause a harsh, unfriendly competition.

The goal the staff on both wikis have for me by doing this is to allow both wikis to compete without harming each other and their communities. This doesn't mean that there is a partnership between the two sites; it only means that we have set an agreement.

I hope the best of both sites to get along through into the future, and we all hope this plan works.

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