Last night, we started a revolution. After months of fighting among staff, and tyranny by your former admin Legodude101, MisterGryphon, Vector E. Cramp, and myself knew it was time for change. Recently, Legodude101 has been losing control of his community. To aid in helping the community think he has control, he pushed blame on people like MisterGryphon and myself. He exiled both of us from the wiki. I tried to help him, and in return he did nothing for me. He accused me of lying when at the time, he was lying to all of you—his own community.

It was time to take action yesterday. After flaming all of my staff at The Chima Wiki for no reason, I had to sever relations with this wiki and mine. This in result damaged this wiki's relations with others, including Jay Vincent.

MisterGryphon and I spent hours going through Legodude101's history, and we found a pattern. If more than one person turns against him at once, and he is unable to manipulate others at the time, he begins to panic and eventually gives up. He did this to my friends jamesster and Patch at LEGO Universe Wiki. Legodude resorts to swearing and verbal aggression once his control over his community is lost.

MisterGryphon took action to use another account to act as a former staff, Casey113 here. In return, Legodude believed our trick and gave us access to the accounts Casey113 and Brianna113. His foolishness was the cause of the fall to his dictatorship. We gained support from this community throughout the afternoon, and at approximately 8pm EDT, I took action against him using Brianna113.

I continuously worked throughout the evening to make Legodude lose his false sense of hope. MisterGryphon managed to keep the community calm when we were in the midst of overthrowing the tyrant you have been forced to follow for months.

Eventually we gained control of the wiki during this revolution, and Legodude101 fled. MisterGryphon and I will not be leading this wiki. SaltNPepper will be working on selecting a new staff team, and MisterGryphon and I will be available at all times to help this site.

At this time. Legodude101's reign over this wiki is over. A new era of peace and equality is here.

Additionally, MisterGryphon and I will become "councilmen" for this wiki. This means that we will advise the staff here and help make decisions among the current staff team. We will not get any special permissions beyond that. Your utmost respect towards us is expected, and we should be treated as if we were staff here.

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