• Matteso586

    From what we already know would appear in Season 7 at some capacity, here's who I think who else would make an appearance.

    • Chen (flashback)
    • Clouse (flashback)
    • Skylor
    • The unnamed Earth Elemental Master
    • Garmadon (flashback)
    • Morro's old classmates
    • Pythor
    • Samukai (flashback)
    • The Great Devourer (flashback)

    That's all I could think of. Who do you have in mind?

    Edit: Forgot to add the Devourer.

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  • Matteso586

    Would it be awesome if it was adapted into a video game? If it happens, here are some playable characters I have in mind.

    • Kai
    • Cole (ghost)
    • Jay
    • Zane (Titanium Ninja)
    • Nya (Water Ninja)
    • Sensei Wu
    • Lloyd (Green Ninja)
    • Misako
    • Ronin
    • Sensei Wu (Golden Mech)

    • Flintlocke
    • Dogshank
    • Clancee
    • Doubloon
    • Monkey Wretch
    • Clouse (ghost)
    • Shadow Sensei Wu

    • Fisherman
    • Pythor (normal & bleached)
    • Garmadon (Serpentine War, lord, sensei, & Anacondrai)
    • Skylor
    • Master Chen
    • Cole
    • Nya (civilian 1, civilian 2, & Samurai X)
    • Dr. Saunders
    • Sensei Yang (ghost)
    • Morro
    • Soul Archer

    Same as the graphic novels. But in case they are not long enough to be the usual 14 levels, perhaps a couple of extra content, and extended moments.

    The returning characters from Shadow of Ronin would retain their unique abilities. Such a…

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