• Liyah.loves.cole247

    so this is my first blog and my topic is who i think is the coolest ninja and my thought has to be cole. be cause i feel bad for him having to be stuck as a  ghost for the rest of the season and to die easily by water lets just hope cole and nya dony get in to a  fight i mean when he first turned in to a ghost he looked upset and when the ninjag are up set im upset i hate to see any one upset annnnnnnddddd who else is the coolest iiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss lloyd i mean come on he is soooooooo cool i just hate when morro finally desides to come out of lloyds body and lloyd is knocked out cold and i!!!!!!!!!   and he knows lloyd cant swim  but the funneist  part was that kai burned the  bottom of the relm crysta…

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