• LightningChaser14

    I'm mad now. I edited Sensei Wu's wikia article, Garmadon's article and Lloyd's article yesterday, changing the titles from 'master' back to 'sensei', and now their back to master again. WHY?! We've been saying 'Sensei Wu' and Sensei Garmadon' and we've heard 'Sensei Lloyd', but the first time they've been called 'Master' is when Doctor Saunders called Wu 'Master Wu' in the 'Day of the Departed' Halloween special. I thought this was a spoof at first, but then in the 'Hands of Time' season, they continued to call him 'Master Wu'. Can someone explain this to me? Please? Because I'm starting to get ticked off because, since I'm autistic, I have a problem with immediatly switching character titles when we've been calling the character somethin…

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