aka King Theoden

  • I live in Canada,
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is A TFOL!
  • I am Male (Thats why I'm LegoDUDE101)
  • Legodude101

    Summer Trip

    July 4, 2012 by Legodude101

    Hello wiki,

    From July 5th to 18th, I will be completely inactive due to being away in Europe to see family. I will not be able to respond to ANY of your messages you send me until the 18th. Since I'll be traveling to a very different time zone, when I come back, I may be a day or 2 late due to Jetlag.

    Thanks for understanding,


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  • Legodude101

    New logo idea

    June 25, 2012 by Legodude101

    Tell me if you guys think I should make this the new logo.

    Note: Its a bit bigger when made into the logo itself.


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  • Legodude101

    We're back for another action packed issue!

    Read all about it Here.

    We need more voters or else I'll have to cancel this part of the news.

    Dear Zane,

    What source of power do you run on?

    Greetings Youngling,

    I run on solar energy, using solar panels located in my hair. If I were to run on another energy, like Gas or Electricity, I would have ran out one day! My creatorm was a very smart man, too bad he isnt here today.


    Dear Zane,

    What did you mainly like about the Destiny's Bounty?

    Dear Casey,

    It was special because of how it was found. In the middle of the desert. I like mysterious things, because the best part is finding the answer to them.


    Ninjago Season 2 Is coming! All your favorite characters return!

    Watch as Kai, Zane, Jay, and Cole tr…

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  • Legodude101

    Wiki renovations

    June 24, 2012 by Legodude101

    Hello wiki!

    Just here to note that the wiki will be going through a few changes in the past next week. You may have have already noticed the new background, the new logo, and some other changes. Also, NinjagoWikiTV will be uploading a lot of stuff this week!

    Click here to check it out!

    "Hello brother, what took you so long?"" 19:51, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Legodude101

    Hello again wiki!

    Some time ago, I uploaded pictures of my Ninjago collection, now im doing it again, with all my new Summer sets included!

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