Before we even get started, no I'm not begging for rights nor will I become an active user here. Yea, its LD. The reason of the whole disapatch. Surprised? Don't be. I never really... left. I always came by every so often and checked out progress. And actually, I kindof have some mentions I should well, mention.

Im sorry. But not fully. Recently I've been developing problems. Won't go indepth but I'm not going through the easiest times. My parents aren't divorced and no, I'm not failing school. Its just some anxiety, if you will. I act snappy some times. Sounds familiar? Yea, that's where I agree its my fault for the previous times. I see somebody about it so as much as my problems were bad for you guys. its just one of those things you can't do much about hm?

Now to pay my dues. To Vechs and Angel. You guys... I really was a pain in the rear eh? But what makes me happy is the fact you two nuckalheads still keep this place in shape, this wiki wouldn't be the same.

And Vechs, if you still talk to Jay tell him I send my best regards and that our time working together was really enjoyable.

And Angel.... I don't have anything personal to say. You're a girl, older then me, etc etc. Hard to say something that really... receives well for the other side you know? All I can say is promoting you was the best thing ever done for this wiki.

Now, if you've read this far and still haven't deleted this forum, thanks. Because long story short, I'm just here to say Thanks for keeping the place healthy, and NINJAAAAGOOOOO!


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