Hello everyone hello,

I got some stuff concerning the Ninjago News....

Here it is:

1. I will not be reviewing the Training Set, because it wont be avalible until late July, and by then all the Summer sets will be out. If you want to review it (If you own it), you can ask me on chat or leave a message on my Wall.

2. I plan to get the Samurai Mech and Lasha's bitecycle Next week when my Lego store gets all the new Lego sets, so stay tuned for their Reviews.

3. Since the new Summer Sets are out, the Early 2012 ones dont become much of a Priority to me. Talk in the comments if you still want me to review the remaing ones (Fangpyre Mech, Fangpyre Truck Ambush and the Destiny's bounty).

4. If you would like to contribute to the News, by all means leave a message on my Wall and I'l see where I can fit you in!

Stay tuned for the upcoming issue!

"Hello brother, what took you so long"? -Lord Garmadon 05:50, May 12, 2012 (UTC)