Ninjago News: Issue 9 June 11

Welcome back to another action-packed issue! More Summer set reviews, and an laugh-tastic Meme by Sir Protalot himself!

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9447 Lasha's Bitecycle

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Newman53 Asked:

Ask the ninjas:

Dear Lloyd,

How cool is it being the legendary Green Ninja? Is it cool?

Casey113 Asked:

Dear Cole,

Who is your favorite Ninja?

CaptainJones123 Asked:

Dear Jay,

How shocked were you to find out that Nya was Samurai X?

Casey's review of 9447 Lasha's Bitecycle

Today's set is 9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle. It comes with 2 minifigures 250 pieces and it is 25$, Pretty good money value.

Now on to the Minifigs! We get Cole ZX (Quite a hard to get Minfigure) He is awesome! Nothing much to say about him. And we get Lasha a Venomari Warrior who comes in this set and his spinner.

Now On to the set its self.

It comes with a small forge with a few weapons for Cole ZX. Its pretty cool. Now let's move on to the Awesome Bite cycle!

First off let me say It should have come with Snappa or Fang-Suei but Lasha is cool too! So the build is like a normal Snake vehicle build nothing to special. It also comes with the Venomari Fangblade, the Fangblade is awesome! Then we can sit Lasha and he can control the Vehicle.

It also has a Whipping tail but nothing too special.

Overall this set is great for a 25$ Set. Two minifigs are great, the Forge is sweet, and the Bite Cycle is amazing!

I would rate it a 8/10 For the awesome-ness of the set!

Legodude's review of 850445 Rattla Shrine

This week I will be reviewing 850445 Rattla Shrine. It comes with 88 pieces 1 minifigure, and a shrine holding the Hypnobrai staff and a Holographic Rattla Character card. Rattla isnt too rare, coming in many small sets, but since you get his Character card, its nice to get the character. The shrine itself has some very good pieces, like Lasha's spinner crown, 2 Purple Trans-vipers, the printed Snake-in-stone piece, the Hypnobrai staff, and the ultra-rare Holographic Rattla Character card! Overall this set is really good for a collector, coming with many rare parts, and definity something nice to have!

I give it a 9/10 because if could of had a rarer minifig (Slithraa or Mezmo)


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