Ninjago News: Issue 7 May 19th

Were back with another action-packed issue! I recrtuited some new Helpers to really give the Ninjago News a push! Prototron will now make a Weekly Meme, and Casey and Brianna113 will do some reviews on the Ninjago sets they got, along with me. LETS GET STARTED FOLKS!

Weekly Meme


Weekly Quote:

"We're so hooped!" -Jay

Ask the Ninjas

Casey113 asked:

Dear, Nya

Do you like Jay? :P Do you? Because Jay has a really big mouth...


Hey Casey,

Sometimes he can get little big annoying, but he is kinda really brave...

Uh, I meant to say Likes to Shave. He sure does alright.. Well, I better wrap this up, Sensei's calling me.



Brianna 113 asked:

Dear cole, what is it like in your NRG state knowing you can destroy almost anything in your path also what is it like being a ninja and also being able to dance


Hey Brianna, '

When im in my NRG form, I feel like a undestructable boulder destroying anything in its path! Dancing runs in the blood of my family. Starting with my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa who invented the Double-wing jump move. Being a Dancing Ninja is like being a Grasshoper with wings!


More Spinners to come out!

You heard it. Some time later this year, there will be a Final 2012 wave of Spinners. Including:

NRG Zane Spinner pack

Lloyd ZX Spinner pack

Bytar Booster pack

Lizaru Booster pack

Slithraa Spinner

We'lll announce when they come out ASAP!

Legodude's Reviews: 9570 NRG Jay and 9554 Zane ZX

This week I'll be doing a duel review of 9570 and 9554. Lets start off with the Spinner pack:

This is the first time I'll be reviewing a Spinner, so I'll try my best to cover all the goods. The minifig is NRG Jay. He is exclusive to this set, so if you like Jay, you'll like him in his NRG. Nice chrome touchs to give that Lightning feel. Now, onto the weapons. You get a Golden Spear, a Black Katana, and a Grey Spear. The Golden spear looks REALLY cool, while the other weapons are pretty basic. Next, his spinner and crown: The crown is a new mold, with studs so you have more space to put your Defence blocks. Not too much detail, but it still looks cool. Now, onto the spinner itself: The spinner is like the ones Last Summer, because they are see-through. It looks REALLY cool, with some Lightning printings, which are sadly covered by the Crown. For the cards: The character card has 900 SP total, with 500 Lightning and 400 Ice. Not too good, but if you read on, you can find a way to fix that. The Battle cards are also nifty if you play the game. The cards you get are Sizzling Sphere, Dual Burst, Swap you and Chain Lightning. You get a Scroll card in this set, as well as a shiny Golden card.

Overall this is a really good set. I give it a 9.5/10 only because the Weapons could have been better.

Now im going to review Zane Zx's booster pack. The minifig, is Zane ZX (Go figure) he has the same print as usual, and he comes with the Shoulder armor. The weapons you get is a Golden Flail , with the Shurikens of Ice, a Staff and a Diamond blade-sythe thingy :P. The Spinner accesories you get are 2 Ice-wall defences, and the new Arrow-blades. This is a good way to get them, since the only other way is if you buy the Weapon pack. The ice-walls are pretty big, so they really give you some defence if you play the Spinner game. You also get a brick to amp-up your Spinner, and give you some Higher Ground. Like a spinner set, you also get cards: Zane ZX has 200 Fire, 200 Lightning, 300 Earth and 400 Ice, for a total of 1100 SP. The battle cards you get are Stroke of Genius, Black Ice Sheild, Crown of Ice and a power card known as Counterattack.

Overall I give this set 9.5/10, because Zane's Golden Weapon makes the Spinner tip to the side, or the Chain will get tangled in the staff, rendering the weapon useless.

Since, I got a Spinner AND Booster pack, I'll talk about how they do together. Overall, they are both a real good combo. NRG Jay can use ALL the cards included in the booster pack. Best of all, Stroke of Genius adds 500 SP to 2 Elements, making NRG Jay almost have Full SP in all elements (Besides Ice). When adding the Spinner accesories, it adds a nice White splash when you spin. Overall I HIGHLY recomend you get these 2 together, because they can really pack a punch!


  • I hope my Lego store gets the new Summer sets in, if not, Brianna113 will review NRG Cole, and I'll finish off the early 2012 Ninjago sets.
  • More Ask the Ninjas
  • Casey113 Reviewing Mezmo and Spitta.


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