Ninjago News: Issue 5 May 6th (With a slight change of plan)

Hello everyone, hello! There has been a slight change, for this weeks review, it will NOT be the Training set and booster pack, along with the Surprise (Which was an exclusive LEGO store set), but instead delay it until I get the 2. But, Casey will review the Weapon Pack and I will do the Tread Assault. If you would like to review one of your Ninjago sets, please submit your review to me and I'll put it in the next issue.

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"Bow to your master, BOW TO YOUR MASTER SERPENTINE!" -Pythor

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Since none were voted top, I randomly picked Mailman.

Ask the Ninjas

Casey113 asked:

Dear Kai

Hey Kai your my Favorite Ninja because your awesome but I have a question:

Can you teach me how to Unlock my Full potential I love Fire and i want to be Just like you!




Hey Casey,

Unlocking your True Potential means you have to overcome your greatest issues that are holding you back. Dont worry, one day, we'll be fighting side-by-side!


Blaynii asked:

Dear Sensei wu,

I know you are not a ninja but I sent you this so you wouldn't feel left out. :P

I was wondering something though, what happened to the sacred flute?

Did the great devourer eat it or is it lost?


Hello youngling,

I am afraid the wearabouts of the flute are unkown. I dont even know how to make that device, but it doesnt matter since the Serpentine are locked away. If it is still in existence, I hope to one day find it


Brianna113 asked:

Dear mailman, I'm your biggest fan and I wanted too ask you what is your opinion on the ninjas also what do you like about being a famous mailman

Your biggest fan brianna113


Well, those ninjas are really cool, and sometimes come at you in the oddest of times. When they do, they almost give me a Heart Attack. Being a mailman is fun, I get to see Ninjago, and meet lots of people!


Clan positions

Recently, Casey113 has became a ZX (Rollback). If you see him on chat, make sure to Congratulate him. Sadly, one of our hard-working Adminds, Vector E. Cramp has removed his rights, and mysteriously left the wiki.

Summer Sets out soon!

The new 2012 Summer Sets should be arriving shortly. Are you excited? Which sets do you plan to get? Talk in the comments!


There have been quite a few Vandals around lately. Dont worry, the Clan will take care of it. If you see one, report it to a Clan member RIGHT AWAY!

Review #1: 9591 Weapon Pack (By Casey113)

Today I will be reviewing the Pre-released 9591 Weapon Pack! So to start off with the Minifigures, we get my favorite: NRG Kai! He is awesome in his NRG Form. He shines when you put him in light, plus he is exclusive to this set! Next we have Chokun, the Constrictal Solider. He is Basically Fang-Suei, but smaller and MUCH better printing.

Now to move on to the set, We get basically what you would get from two spinners and two booster packs, plus more! We get 10 really cool weapons, including a really cool trans-color snake. Also, the set includes two new designed spinners. Whats so new about them? They're see through, which makes them awesome! Also, the Spinner Crowns have a new mold. NRG Kai's spinner is VERY awesome and so is Chokun's spinner. This set also comes with blades and shields. Kai has two fire shields and a new ninja blade. Chokun has a cool new snake spinner blade piece. This set also comes with 10 cards, which are all very cool!

Overall, this is one of the best spinner sets I have ever gotten. When this set comes out this summer, I recommend getting it for the great minifigures the spinners and everything else.

I rate it 9.5/10

Review #2: 9444 Cole's Tread Assualt

This time, I will be reviewing 9444 Cole's Tread Assault. It has 286 pieces, 2 Minifigures (Cole ZX and Skales) and the Tread. Skales looks really nice, Good printings and is armed with the Hypnobrai staff. Cole ZX looks really good with his Shoulderpads. The printings also shows some Armor as well, since he is the Earth Ninja, he needs some Earth armor. Now for the main attraction: The Tread. At a first look, it looks awesome! Featured of the model include:

Missle Launcher

Springing blades (Activated via pushing button at the rear)

And a Ninja Stealth Feature (To do so, flip over the vehicle to reveal Green Serpentine-like design. Cockpit is on a Axel, so it will come around as well)

Overall, its a good set. The only bad thing is that its not a Stand-alone set. But if you are a big 2012 Ninjago collector, THIS IS THE SET FOR YOU!

I give this set a 8.5/10


  • I hope to review the Training set and a booster pack. If not, the Fangpyre Tuck Ambush. You can also submit reviews of your Ninjago sets, if you wish.
  • Also, Submit more Ask the Ninjas,
  • AND MORE......

"Hello brother, what took you so long"? -Lord Garmadon 21:02, May 6, 2012 (UTC)