Ninjago News: Issue 4 April 29, 2012

Welcome back to ANOTHER issue of the Ninjagoooooo News!

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"Give up your mind..." -Slithraa

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"Buts are for Sitting on" -Sensei Wu

Page of the week

This week its Snike. Vote in the comments for next weeks page.

Ask the Ninjas!

This week I'm doing it differently. Instead of answering ALL the questions, I'll pick the top 3. I will continue to do this each issue due to it taking too long to answer ALL the questions.

TheGreenNinja asked:

This question is for Lloyd.

Hey Lloyd! I wanted to let you know that I am your biggest fan! You deserve to be the Green Ninja. How do you feel to be the legendary Green Ninja? I have so many questions! Did you like your father? If he is really dead, how does that make you feel? Are the other ninja jealous that you are the best ninja of all time? Where do you think your father is? How did you get kicked out of your school?

Sincerely, Green Ninja

Answer: Hi again green ninja. I am so glad you ask me a question again. I mean being the Green Ninja is fun, but about all that has happened is don't get to play video games all day anymore because of training. As for my father, I am not sure. If he is dead then, THNK YOU GREAT DEVOURER!!!! Because that means that I don't have to kill him. I font know if the other ninja are jealous. I have noo idea where my father is. And I did not get kicked out of school, I ran away. That was just a lie I told Pythor.


Brianna113 asked:

Dear Jay who did you think was the green ninja (besides yourself) and do you always get slide tracked when you are around nya

thanks brianna113


Hi brianna113. I THINK I FINNALY FOUND OUT WHAT :P IS!!!!!! Oh sorry I think I got a little of subject. I was going to be the green ninja UNTIL that little Lloyd came and messed things up. Just kidding. And of course not. Why would I ever get sidetracked when I am with Nya?


Blaynii asked:

Dear Kai,

Hey what was it like to be the last to be the last ninja to get their full potential?



I felt like an awesome Firing flame ball of fame! It was hard to admit I was the last one, but my powers are still REALLY awesome. When you unlock your True Potential, it will be just as awesome!


Early release

You heard it. Last year, Lego released Mountain Shrine early, this time its NRG Kai VS Chokun. Its a really cool set, because not only you get 2 UNRELEASED Figures, you get the contents of two Booster AND Spinner packs. Casey113 ordered it off Amazon will be be reviewing it next week along making it 4 REIVEWS IN ONE ISSUE!

You dont wanna miss it!

Saying about Summer 2012, here are the 2012 Summer sets (Minus Ultra Sonic Raider, which is coming out this summer)

  • Samurai Mech
  • Lasha's bite cycle
  • Epic Dragon Battle

Review: 9443 Rattlecopter

This week, before our Extravaganza of reviews, im going to review 9443 Rattlecopter. It comes with 3 minifigures: Kai ZX, (With an Epic Jetpack,) and Duel Golden daggers. Lloyd Garmadon, with a Thunder Bolt Dagger and the Constricai staff and Fang-Suei, pilot of the Rattlecopter. Kai ZX is armed with 2 really awesome daggers, and has an even awesomer steampunk-style Jetpack. Lloyd looks cool as well. His thunder bolt was also used by his Dad in a spinner pack last Summer, which upsets me that there could have been something new. Fang-Suei is OK. He comes in quite a few sets already, so nothing to Scream about. He doesn look nice, with the Tooth necklace and Big Fangs. Now for the Rattlecopter. The Rattlecopter looks really REALLY cool. Quite a few stickets, which is minor, but the features are awesome. It has 2 duel-missle launchers one on each side. But the main feature is that you can Load Sly vipers into the little compartmeants on the side, and then release them and bomb snakes on your foes. I really cant see any flaws in this set. Its a good start or add to ANY Ninjago collection

I give this set a 10/10

Set Gallery

Monthly MOC contest

I'm starting this, since its a new month. Im going to have a monthly MOC contest. This months theme is to build a Scene from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (Season 1 OR 2) that isnt already a set. You can use components from sets (Storm Fighter, Rattlecopter, Skull truck ETC) but there MUST be something custom-made. Im looking for Creativity here people! You can use LDD, but building it live shows more Creativity and is a LOT more fun! Contest ends May 27, you have 2 entires! Top 3 winners get their name colored in their choice of color, and they will be featued on the Front page for a month.

If you have any questions you may contact me.



  • Casey is going to review NRG Kai VS Chokun and im going to review the Training set, a booster pack and a SURPRISE!
  • More Ask the Ninjas!
  • Submit your MOC contest entries in the Comments!

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