Hello wiki, I have some Good and Interesting news to share!

First: I know I've been inactive, and its because my Computer died, and I'll be needing to buy a new one (Im typing this from my parents laptop).

Dont fear, I should be getting a new computer this week, in the meantime, if you have any questions, please see Casey , Vector or any of our amazing staff for help

When I do get my computer, I will update this blog ASAP, but after which I will need to install many progranms, LIKE:



Minecraft (Checked out our wikis server yet?)

Myst *Stares at Vector*

And some other minor things (Java, Adobe, Flash)

But since its gonna be a Windows 7, I can get things 2x as fast done!

One more thing, I will be away on vacation from July 5-18 and will have no Internet connection, so please see the Other staff around that time for help.

Other new wiki things

As i mentioned earlier, MisterGryphon as kindly let us use his server as Minejago! Me and his pals have been building big structures for the past while! Even a giant Destinys Bounty!

This wikis Youtube channel is also up, in which we'll be uploading soon!

Thats all really. Im sorry for the inconvinience, but I'll be back soon!

Also, the homepage will be tottaly re-done by a very generous coder, so keep checking!

By the way, have you guys heard about Season 3? Its coming! Wohooo!


I got the new computer, so.....


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