After watching the last episode, Day of the Great Devourer, I have awesome and possibly horrible news!

Lord Garmadon doesnt die. The Golden weapons arent lost. Where the story ends, is that Garmadon has yet again "disapeared" elsewhere WITH the Golden weapons! Meaning the Ninjago storyline WILL most likely continue! Maybe I am wrong, maybe LEGO did that as a "Now its your turn to Continue the story" thing. I cant comfirm. Least we can do is wait until this Summer when usually pictures of the late 2012/2013 sets are known, then we can see if Ninjago is in there. Keep your hopes up! This could change the fate of the enitre wiki!

Thanks for readin folks!

Legodude101 (Talk) 04:57, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

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