Lord Garmadon reminds of Darth Vader. Garmadon and Vader are both Dark Lords. Garmadon and Vader both have sons. Lloyd and Luke both begins with the letter L. Luke was blonde once, and Lloyd is blonde. Lloyd plays an important role in Ninjago, second under Lord Garmadon, than Sensei Wu. Luke is the second most important character in Star Wars, under Anakin/Vader. Garmadon was good, and was Sensei's brother and best friend. Throughout Revenge of the Sith, Anakin and Obi-Wan were considered brothers, not family, but close. Garmadon was good, like Anakin and then became Lord Garmadon/Darth Vader. Lloyd never knew his mom, and neither did Luke. When Garmadon went after the Weapons when he was young, Sensei defeated him and like how Obi-Wan defeated Vader before he was in the Darth Vader suit. Garmadon and Vader wear black. Garmadon has skeletons, who are scared of him, and Imperial Officers are scared of Vader Garmadon has the Underworld, and Vader has the IMPERIAL ARMY. Garmadon and Vader changed after their defeat. Garmadon recieved red eyes and dark skin, and Vader recieved a life support suit. Also, Sensei hadn't seen Garmadon for a while, after their brawl, and Obi-Wan didn't see Vader for nineteen years. Sensei Wu began to teach Lloyd, and like how Obi-Wan started to teach Luke. When Lloyd becomes the Green Ninja, he is destined to defeat his father,and Luke defeats his father, in Return of the Jedi.


Garmadon relates to Vader

Lloyd relates to Luke

Sensei Wu relates to Obi-Wan

Also, I noticed Jay is like Han Solo, and Nya is Leia. At first, Leia didn't show feelings for Han, but returned them to Han Solo and Han Solo. Nya did the same, as Nya started to like Jay, as Jay liked Nya from the start.

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