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  • I live in Jamanakai Village
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is I advertise for Chen's Noodle House and am a part time hero.
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  • EpicElijah


    July 17, 2016 by EpicElijah

    So there are two pages on Magic, magic and dark magic. Is there any difference? The people who are listed as using magic, but not dark magic, are Garmadon, who we have confirmed did use dark magic, and Lloyd, Chope, and Kapau, who all used Clouse's spellbook which we know is also dark magic. Also, Nadakhan and Khanjakhan are on the list, but do they actually use magic, or is it just part of them? The ghosts have special, "magic-like" abilities, but they don't use magic.

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  • EpicElijah

    Does anyone know the screen times of Overlord (either season 2 or 3) and Morro? I don't want to start a Overlord versus Morro debate here, I just want some information about them.

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  • EpicElijah

    So before time had a name The FSM and the Overlord had their massive battle. A couple things bugged me about their battle.

    So to turn the tide the Overlord made the Stone Army, who were invincible. How could you make something more powerful than you? Also, he could've done it sooner and saved a lot of time fighting.

    And if the Overlord and FSM were so even then how come the FSM was unable to make his own army?

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