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    So this morning I'm watching Steven Universe and DYING for new episodes to come since I need my Peridot fuel to live. So I'm checking my TV guide, going two weeks into the future (I guess I would say XD), ladedadeda, to look for new episodes, which I don't find. However, I stop on Thursday the 24th (of March). It says that there's a new Ninjago episode, and it even has a synopsis similar to Infamous's. It even has the word PIRATES in it.

    So I guess you all know what that means...

    Ninjago Skybound starts in two weeks! I checked two of my favorite YouTubers' channels for this as well just to make sure (the YouTubers are Lego Ninjago Fan and The Ryan and Davyd Show) and they each have news on this, too. So I guess it's official.

    Oh boy, can't wait…

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