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    Kai Fangirling

    May 17, 2015 by DoodleBug8686

    Hey people reading this! I just wanted to say a few things regarding the fact that I love Kai. Some of my friends are always asking, "What do you see in that guy?" well, there are a lot of things. In fact, I'm just going to make a list.

    • His lack of patience makes him cute, in a way...
    • His hair is to die for.
    • The color red looks fabulous on him.
    • He protects what he loves.
    • He never lets his guard down.
    • He has a great personality.
    • He never gives up.
    • He's ready for anything that is thrown his way.
    • He is always there for his fellow ninja.
    • He is actually pretty powerful...

    So... that is all I really have to say on this matter... and I bet some of you can actually agree with some of this, even if you don't neccesarily like Kai. Bye for now!

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