Hi people :P This is a blog that I'll put new creations that I made that involve the Serpentine. Every once and a while I'll add a new one. Most of the creations will be LDD creations, but some will just be edited pictures. First up: Mega Serpentine!

Mega Serpentine

Mega Serpentine are just big builds of the Serpentine generals using Hero Factory parts.

I was planning on calling these "Ultra Serpentine" because they're...well...big, and...ultra :D But that led me to think of my next creations: NRG Serpentine!

And if you're wondering how I got Fangtom's heads and Acidicus's and Skalidor's spikes to float, here's an example with "Brick A" and "Brick B."

Brick B goes on top of Brick A. I delete Brick A. Brick B stays in the air. These were clearly more complicated, but that is a pretty good example of the trick.

Oh and Pythor's hiding in the comments :)

NRG Serpentine

Just pictures of the Serpentine 2nd-in-commands with details I made in paint, making them look like NRG.
File:NRG Fangdam.png
File:NRG Lizaru.png
Yeah, I know. They suck a little.


NRG Bytar: Earth
File:NRG Bytar.png

NRG Fangdam: Fire

NRG Lizaru: Lightning

File:NRG Slithraa.png
NRG Slithraa: Ice

These are the assumed elements of the tribes, so that makes them those elements, too! And you know what's funny? All those characters that I made NRG will be in a summer spinner or booster pack :P


Movie scenes that I remade in LDD with the Serpentine in them.

Coming soon >:D

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