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  • DaMaelstromGuy

    Hi people :P This is a blog that I'll put new creations that I made that involve the Serpentine. Every once and a while I'll add a new one. Most of the creations will be LDD creations, but some will just be edited pictures. First up: Mega Serpentine!

    Mega Serpentine are just big builds of the Serpentine generals using Hero Factory parts.

    I was planning on calling these "Ultra Serpentine" because they're...well...big, and...ultra :D But that led me to think of my next creations: NRG Serpentine!

    And if you're wondering how I got Fangtom's heads and Acidicus's and Skalidor's spikes to float, here's an example with "Brick A" and "Brick B."

    Brick B goes on top of Brick A. I delete Brick A. Brick B stays in the air. These were clearly more complicat…

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  • DaMaelstromGuy

    Ninjago Fanon Wiki

    October 27, 2011 by DaMaelstromGuy

    Hey people! Pretty soon, I'll be making a Wiki called Ninjago Fanon Wiki! (this is my first time making a Wiki!) Ninjago Fanon Wiki is a place where you can put fan-made content like characters, sets, and other stuff! I know most fanon Wikis end up in a heap of garbage, but I'll keep this one clean! Trust me, I'm VERY strict about correct grammar and punctuation. So anyone who's always wanted to make their own Ninjago stuff, come there! I'll be making it October 29th, 2011, so stop by then! :D

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