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  • Booswithanger

    Hello today I wil be doing my first important blog post. Ninjago one of the best themes LEGO ever made is ending in 2013. Kevin, a lego employee, said that Ninjago was ending in 2013, he said they would do one last wave of sets and they are done. But what some people may not think is better, Kevin said they were going to replace it with a even better theme that would make Ninjago fans think why it didn't end sooner. The theme is so far unknown so we don't know if it will be better. What I say is that we should enjoy it while we can. The show it's self is ending too, Kevin did a Q&A and the pirate rumors aren't true, but what I think is that they will have a season 3, but no season 4.

    Many Ninjago fans were pretty said at this, lots of them …

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  • Booswithanger

    A New User

    May 18, 2012 by Booswithanger

    Hello people i am new here and i don't know were to start so tell me if you need any pics or fixing with studs.

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