aka An secret

  • I live in Also secret
  • I was born on May 25
  • I am male...
  • Acidicus51


    August 19, 2012 by Acidicus51

    Hi,Im Acidicus51.I Have other names-Acidicus,Venomari General...OTHER

    2174 Kruncha

    2516 Training Set(I Don't Know Full Name)

    9440 Venomari Shrine

    9441 Kai Blade Cycle

    9442 Jay Storm Flighter

    9551 K.Cole

    9555 Mezmo

    9561 Kai ZX

    9564 Snappa

    9567 Fang-Suei

    9569 Spitta

    9570 NRG Jay

    9571 Fangdam

    9591 Weapon Pack

    Hi,I Kill Ninja With My Fang Blade!

    My Name:Acidicussssssss

    My Best Friend(Every snake)Skalidor!2th Pythor!


    My Best Friend(Venomari Snakes)Lizaru!

    My Best Enemiesssss:Sensei,Ninja,Samurai/Nya.

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