Narrator: Gather around, rascals, and thrill to the tale of how Misfortune's Keep found its crew. Come closer now...

Narrator: "Meet Flintlocke - a pirate saltier than any sea."

(Flintlocke is sailing on a ship in the Endless Ocean.)

Flintlocke: We aim for the doom! Prepare the pirate's cannon! (Proceeds to the cannon.)

Narrator: "No sea ever saw a braver pirate than Flintlocke."

Flintlocke: Must I do everything myself?

Narrator: "But the luck of the sea can rise, and it can be cruel... or even the scariest." (The cannonball lands right on Flintlocke's ship, causing it to sink and him to float in the sea.)

Flintlocke: I wish I-

(Nadakhan poofs in.)

Nadakhan: I believe you summoned me.

Flintlocke: My pirate's eyes have seen their fair share, but a floating man in a spark-

Nadakhan: Djinn!! And I have a pirate's fare for you... if you wish.

Flintlocke: All I wish for is to be back on dry land.

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep.

(Flintlocke is wished in a desert.)

Narrator: "Flintlocke knew that pirates had very few friends and no pirate has ever found a friend in a desert."

Nadakhan: As dry as it gets.

Narrator: "Only enemies galore."

Flintlocke: Right about now, I think I get it, my wish granting friend... and I wish to be someplace cooler - sooner rather than later.

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep.

(Flintlocke is wished in an arctic.)

Narrator: "Nor did the arctic hold any attraction for a true pirate of a warmer water."

Flintlocke: From the ashes to the ice cubes. I welcome excitement!

Narrator: "And excitement was indeed in - plentiful for Flintlocke."

(A Treehorn Queen heads his way.)

Flintlocke: Get me! Help me!

Narrator: "The great and salty pirate finally getting his fair share of excitement."

Flintlocke: No, no! I wish... I wish just to stay on a decent pirate ship!

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep!

(Flintlocke is wished on the Misfortune's Keep.)

Nadakhan: Welcome! Looks like you've found your true calling after all.

(Looks at the other Sky Pirates.)

Narrator: "Flintlocke. Forever the pirate. Forever in the proud crew of Misfortune's Keep."

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