Narrator: Gather around, rascals, and thrill to the tale of how Misfortune's Keep found its crew. Come closer now...

Narrator: "And meet a young and competitive girl named Dogshank, who wants to win more than anything else in the whole wide world."

(Dogshank is seen in a sprinting competition.)

Dogshank: Yes. Yes! I'm gonna win!

Boy #1: Ha ha! You're not gonna win anything!

Dogshank: Oh yeah?!

(As the competitors nearly reach the finish line and Dogshank is about to cross the finish line first, a boy suddenly overlaps her.)

Boy #1: Victory! Woo-hoo!

Dogshank: That's not fair!

Narrator: "She wanted to win so badly that she even cheated to be number one." (She is seen cutting her opponent's pole in preparation for the pole vault event.) "But even then, she always came out short."

(She knocks off the bar accidentally while jumping above it. Next up, the competitors are seen participating in shotput.)

Dogshank: I'll show them. (She throws her shotput ahead of the others'.) Victory!

Boy #1: Too soon.

(Another boy throws his shotput ahead of Dogshank's and wins the event as the rest of the competitors cheer for him.)

Boy #2: (chanting) I'm the best! I'm the best! I'm the best! From all the best!

Narrator: "And sometimes when you find yourself desperate, you'll turn to just about anything for help."

(Dogshank is seen walking away until Nadakhan poofs in.)

Nadakhan: I can fulfill your wish if you join my crew.

Dogshank: I'll do anything if you make me win!

Nadakhan: You will not regret it! (Nadakhan grants her wish.)

Narrator: "Now Dogshank was someone you had to look up to - literally."

(Dogshank is now a giant behemoth who looks very unattractive.)

Narrator: "Not the most attractive and not the most athletic, but the best."

(During the sprinting challenge, she nudges her competitors out of the track and crossed the finish line, then jumps over the bar during the pole vault challenge and throws her anchor further than everyone else's shotput.)

Dogshank: Victory! Yoh yoh yoh!

(Nadakhan appears.)

Nadakhan: Time for you to enlist on my ship.

(They get to Misfortune's Keep.)

Nadakhan: Welcome aboard.

Dogshank: Make way for a winning lady.

Narrator: "Dogshank. Stronger and faster than any pirate. Forever the pirate. Forever in the proud crew of Misfortune's Keep."

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