(The episode begins with the Skulkin Army still trapped in the Ferris Wheel that the Ninja created using the Tornado of Creation in the Underworld.)

Kruncha: (growls) This bites.

Nuckal: Tell me about it. Since those Ninjas came down here and did that Twistitzu...

Kruncha: (correcting Nuckal) Spinjitzu!

Nuckal: Everything has just been...not cool.

Kruncha: They think they're so tough. Well, they wouldn't be so tough if they didn't have those magic weapons. (getting an idea) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!

(The two Skeleton Generals then escape the Ferris Wheel and cross-over to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. They then steal the Golden Weapons from the sleeping Ninja and head outside to celebrate.)

Kruncha: Yeah!

Nuckal: We're the Masters of Spin...(Loses control of the Nunchucks of Lightning and spins inside a Lightning Spinjitzu. During the process, he accidentally turns on the training course and knocks Kruncha onto the spinning poles (which decapitates his whole body), but Nuckal spins to him, rebuilding him in the process.)

Kruncha: (after being rebuilt) Hey, I'm okay!

(Nuckal spins right to Kruncha, getting him inside the Spinjitzu. Kruncha punches Nuckal, which immediately stops the Spinjitzu.)

Kruncha: (wielding the Sword of Fire) Oh, I'll get you for that! (He loses control of the weapon and activates a Fire Spinjitzu.)

(As Kruncha is spinning in the Spinjitzu, Nuckal laughs, but is hit by the Spinjitzu, which sets his foot on fire and soon gets attacked by Kruncha in the Spinjitzu. They stop spinning when Kruncha strangles Nuckal. A half-asleep Kai exits the building to turn off the training course.)

Kai: Jay! The training course turned itself on again! You really need to fix it! (goes back inside)

Jay: (off-screen) Aww...I'll do it tomorrow!

Kruncha: (looking at the weapons) I don't think this is gonna work.

(The Skeleton Generals return the weapons to their rightful positions. They then head back to the Underworld.)

Kruncha: That was your worst idea yet!

Nuckal: What?! It was your idea!

(The episode ends with the two fighting each other.)

For the information of this episode, click here.

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