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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

“Oh, I'll be waiting, Dad.”
— Lloyd

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is an upcoming film that will be released on September 22, 2017. It is a spin-off to 2014's The LEGO Movie, and is based off of the plot and characters from the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show. The film introduces an entirely new voice cast and crew, and is not canon to the TV show. To create a transition for new fans of the series, the film inspired a new design for the TV show's eighth season

The film follows the origins of the Ninja, who start off as six teenagers that are trained by an elderly ninja master, Wu, to save their city from the evil Lord Garmadon. Yet Garmadon must cope with the fact that one of the Ninja, Lloyd, is his son. 


Six teenagers are "hired" by an old master (Jackie Chan) and become ninja heroes at night, defeating monsters and riding awesome vehicles and dragons to protect the far-away land of Ninjago and its capital city. Meanwhile, a hungry warlord (Justin Theroux) plots for revenge on his brother, who is the master that trained the ninjas.


  • Lloyd - Dave Franco, the Green Ninja, the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako, and Wu's nephew. He rides a green mech dragon.
  • Kai - Michael Peña, the red Ninja of fire and Nya's brother. He uses the giant Fire Mech.
  • Jay - Kumail Nanjiani, the blue Ninja of lightning. He uses the Lightning Jet.
  • Zane - Zach Woods, the robotic white Ninja of ice. He uses the Ice Tank.
  • Cole - Fred Armisen, the strong black Ninja of earth. He uses the Quake Mech.
  • Nya - Abbi Jacobson, the cunning Ninja of water and Kai's sister. She uses the Water Strider.
  • Master Wu - Jackie Chan, the elderly and humorous master of the Ninja, as well as Lord Garmadon's brother and Lloyd's uncle.
  • Lord Garmadon - Justin Theroux, the menacing warlord who threatens Ninjago, as well as Lloyd's father, Misako's former husband, and Wu's brother. In battle, he uses a giant mechanical shark, and a hammerhead-esque mech.
  • Misako (Koko) - Olivia Munn, the mother of Lloyd and the former spouse of Lord Garmadon.

Various civilians of Ninjago City appear in the film. Garmadon leads an army of people dressed as sea creatures, many of them sharks.


  • No voice-over actors from the show will be voicing for the movie.
  • The Ninjas' masks are made of two pieces instead of the usual one-piece masks. This is most likely to provide a way they can make the lower half of the mask move when they speak (much like in the TV show).
  • Almost all of the Ninjas' weapons are different than that of their TV show counterparts.



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