“How to fight without fighting”
Garmadon to his Students
Not to be confused by the episode of the same name.

Garmadon using The Art of The Silent Fist on Lloyd.

The Art of the Silent Fist is a martial arts technique in the world of Ninjago. Described as "how to fight without fighting" by Sensei Garmadon, it is a way to fight your opponent without touching them and letting them defeat themselves.

Garmadon developed the Art of the Silent Fist as part of his vow of pacifism following his reformation.



The Art of the Silent Fist

When the Ninja fled from New Ninjago City and the Overlord, they, with the exception of Zane, went to Sensei Garmadon's Monastery and were taught a lesson on the Art of the Silent Fist.

At the Monastery, Lloyd volunteered to battle his father, only to be defeated in a sparring training session. Garmadon had used the Art of the Silent Fist to defeat his son, meaning Lloyd had not touched him once, and let his anger make him lose. The lesson continued with the students practicing the Art of the Silent Fist in pairs.

Later, when the Ninja had traveled to the main power source of Ninjago, Jay, Kai, and Cole tried to break through the glass with their Techno Blades, but they were unable to do so. Instead, they used the Art of the Silent Fist to provoke Nindroids to shoot at the glass, making it shatter, and putting out all the power in Ninjago.

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