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Element None
First Appearance The Golden Weapon
Status Intact

Tea is a hot beverage made from boiling water and herbs. It is a fairly popular drink in Ninjago, with Master Wu being especially fond of it.

A tea shop in Ninjago City sells several varieties of tea, including some with special properties.


Way of the Ninja

As a test, Kai had to complete the obstscles in Wu's monastary before Wu finish his tea.

The Golden Weapon

Master Wu was shown to be drinking tea when he recruited each of the Ninja, with the exception of Kai.

Tick Tock

In the wake of Lloyd being captured by the Serpentine, Master Wu visited Mistaké's tea shop to purchase some Traveler's Tea. He later used it to travel to Lord Garmadon's Dimension.

The Royal Blacksmiths

When the Ninja went to visit Cole's father, Lou, the latter made a pot of lemon-honey tea for the visitors while he asked about his son's recent activities.

All of Nothing

When the Ninja and Nya infiltrated the Serpentine's Underground Fortress, a battle erupted between the Ninja and the snakes for control of the Four Silver Fangblades. During the battle, Master Wu mainly observed his pupils' progress from the shoulder of the Samurai Mech and enjoyed a cup of tea. When a Venomari Scout tried to climb on the mech, Master Wu poured hot tea on his head.

The Rise of The Great Devourer

While fighting the Serpentine atop the Serpentine Train, Chokun climbed onto Nya's Samurai Mech. Instead of fighting, Master Wu offered some tea to the Constrictai Soldier - when the cup was full, he punched Chokun off the Samurai Mech and deftly caught the cup without spilling a drop.

The Day of The Great Devourer

During the escape from the Great Devourer, Kai threw Master Wu's teapot off the Destiny's Bounty to try and increase its speed. Lord Garmadon was later seen ordering Traveler's Tea from Mystake, but abandoned it when he saw the Ninja battling the Great Devourer on television. After the Great Devourer's destruction, Master Wu found his teapot amid its remains, commenting that the tea was still hot.

Child's Play

Once Master Wu and Nya heard of the Grundle situation, Master Wu decided to visit Mystake for Tomorrow's Tea. With the tea in their possession, the pair hurried to the comic store where the Grundle was spotted, finding it menacing the de-aged Ninja. Lloyd used the tea to reverse the de-aging magic that revived the Grundle and reduced his friends to children, but was also aged to teenage years due to being caught in the "explosion" of the tea.

The Last Voyage

At Dr. Julien's lighthouse prison, he explained a flashback about his death. When Zane questioned why he is alive as he used his memory switch to remember the death of his father(Dr. Julien) Dr. Julien explained that what Zane did not see what that Samukai was reviving Dr. Julien with Resurrectea. Samukai wanted him to create viechles for his Skulkin Army. When the revived Dr. Julien refused, Samukai trapped him in the lighthouse prison and placed a leviathan to keep guard that he did not escape.

Winds of Change

Following the loss of his brother, Wu retired as a master and opened a Tea Shop called Steep Wisdom. Then, he instructed all the other ninja to advertise the tea shop. The ninja were not supposed to use their elemental powers to help, but did they listen?

Curse World Part 1

When Master Wu and the ninja returned to Steep Wisdom, the ninja were surprised to see that the land was no longer theirs. They learned that Wu sold his business to Cyrus Borg for more advanced veichles to help them defeat Morro and the ghost army.

Tea Variants

Traveler's Tea

One of Mystake's special blends, Traveler's Tea is a substance that enables users to warp to certain locations, including other realms.

Tomorrow's Tea

Tomorrow's Tea is another one of the many special blends offered by Mystake. When used, it can rapidly age things and undo the effects of time-reversing magic.

Tea of Insight (Non-canon)

Brewed by using an Inky Lemonberry, the Tea of Insight can give those who drink it special visions.


A special blend created by Samukai, Resurrectea is able to bring the dead back to life, but only when the target's body is present to ingest the brew.


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