This article is about the vehicle. For the set, see 9442 Jay's Storm Fighter.

The Storm Fighter is a Ninja vehicle owned by Jay. It resembles a blue and gold-colored fighter jet that is surrounded by electricity during flight. The Storm Fighter can be summoned by focusing one's mind on a weapon (in Jay's case, the Nunchucks of Lightning).



Jay first transformed his Nunchucks of Lightning into the Storm Fighter in order to retrieve the Fangpyre Staff, which he succeeded, so that the venom inside would cure his parents from permanently becoming Serpentine themeselves. However, he lost his concentration, causing the Storm Fighter to vanish and Jay to fall down.

Can of Worms

Jay used his Storm Fighter to travel to Ninjago City in order to infiltrate a Serpentine congregation. However, he needs to take Kai as his passenger since the latter was blinded by a Venomari's hallucination-inducing acid.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Jay used the Storm Fighter to bring Nya on a date to dine at a restaurant in the Mega Monster Amusement Park.

Rise of the Great Devourer

Jay used his Storm Fighter to catch up to the Serpentine Bus as it travelled to the Lost City of Ouroboros.