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Spinjitzu is a martial arts technique in the world of Ninjago. It involves the user tapping into their innate elemental energies while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves.


Spinjitzu grants the user the ability to transform into a tornado of a specific element and color.

The user is also given the ability to wield the Golden Weapons properly. One of the things required to fully master Spinjitzu is to gain one's True Potential, unlocked once the person overcomes a personal problem that was preventing them from being at peace with themselves.

Notable Users

Types of Spinjitzu

  • Tornado of Creation - used by the four Ninja
  • Creation - used by Sensei Wu
  • Earth - used by Cole
  • Lightning - used by Jay
  • Ice and Pink Ice - used by Zane
  • Fire - used by Kai and Nya
  • Destruction - used by Lord Garmadon
  • Unknown Silver Spinjitzu - used by Misako
  • Light - used by Lloyd Garmadon and First Spinjitzu Master
  • Golden Power - used by Lloyd Garmadon, First Spinjitzu Master, and the Golden Master
  • Energy - used by Lloyd Garmadon

LEGO Universe Only

  • Imagination - used by Neido
  • Maelstrom - a power similar to Spinjitzu that the Skulkin wield physically through the act of roughly spinning in a sloppy fashion.


  • Each of Ninjago's Dragons are able to perform something similar to Spinjitzu when they cross over to the Underworld.
  • Although the element of a user's Spinjitzu is always based on their natural elemental affinity, the color of the resulting tornado appears to be influenced by the color of their outfit. For instance, Zane's Spinjitzu generated a pink tornado in “Can of Worms”, after his white gi was turned pink after being washed with Kai's red gi. Additionally, both Lloyd and Sensei Wu have Creation Spinjitzu, but the former's is green and the latter's is gold.
    • Cole is an exception, however, as he does not possess a black Spinjitzu tornado; his is brown.
  • In “Return of the Overlord,” a Dark Matter-infected Nya uses what appears to be a crimson Spinjitzu tornado when she first attacks the Ninja.
  • It is unknown if the secondary elements are used in Spinjitzu.
  • It is like a tornado.


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