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“Sons of Garmadon, no longer shall I be the Quiet One. No longer shall I be silent and no longer shall you, for our father has returned!”
Sons of Garmadon
Weapon of choice Red Katanas
Oni Masks
Element Destruction and Creation (Garmadon)
First Appearance The Mask of Deception
70638 Katana V11
Status Active
Voiced by Britt McKillip (Harumi)
Mark Oliver (Garmadon)
Brent Miller (Mr. E)
Maggie Blue O'Hara (Ultra Violet)
Garry Chalk (Killow)
Michael Adamthwaite (Luke Cunningham)
Sam Vincent (Chopper Maroon)
Vincent Tong (Mohawk)

The Sons of Garmadon (abbreviated as S.O.G.) is a villainous biker organization that serves as the main antagonististic faction in the eighth season of the same name, Sons of Garmadon. The group is led by the Quiet One, Harumi, and seeks to conquer Ninjago and resurrect Lord Garmadon—the Ninjas' former adversary who continuously tried to destroy Ninjago. To bring about his rebirth, the group searched for the three Oni Masks.

Following the group's attempt to resurrect Garmadon at the Temple of Resurrection, the Sons of Garmadon were arrested by the Ninjago police force and were sent to Kryptarium Prison for their crimes. However, Lord Garmadon, though incomplete, was successfully reborn and ultimately broke Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon out of prison. After Lord Garmadon defeated Lloyd in a fight, the Sons of Garmadon then planned to return to Ninjago City and show the world who their new emperor was—Emperor Garmadon. They soon went on while Garmadon creates a being called Colossi, which terrorizes Ninjago.

The Ninja attempt to stop it, but failed, resulting in the Destiny's Bounty being destroyed and Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole and Toddler Wu being presumed dead, but unbeknownst to anyone, they used Traveler's Tea to escape to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

Known Members

  • Harumi, the Jade Princess, and the leader of the Sons of Garmadon. She is commonly referred to as the "Quiet One." She kept her true affliction hidden behind a caring façade, and wants revenge on the Ninja for failing to stop the Great Devourer, which killed her parents.
  • Lord Garmadon, the most powerful and second leader of the organization. He was resurrected into a heartless and purely evil being by Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon at the Temple of Resurrection in order to defeat the Ninja and take over Ninjago.
  • Killow, the first general, a behemoth who wields a giant spiky club. He decides who joins the organization and who doesn't.
  • Ultra Violet, the second general. She has pale skin and a long ponytail. She is known to be crazy.
  • Mr. E, the mysterious third general who hardly speaks and when he does, he does it in code. He is a Nindroid.
  • Luke Cunningham, an avid biker, also known as "The White Mask."
  • Chopper Maroon, a low-ranking biker, also known as "The Maroon Mask."
  • Mohawk, a low-ranking biker. He is friends with Chopper Maroon.
  • Sawyer, the member that will appear in issue 35 of the Ninjago magazine. He calls his chainsaw "Betsy." (non-canon)
  • Scooter, the member that will appear in issue 36 of the Ninjago magazine and a polybag. (non-canon)
  • Buffer, the member that will appear in issue 38 of the Ninjago Magazine. (non-canon)
  • The Colossi, a massive being created by Garmadon with the use of his True Potential.
  • Over 300 unknown members.


  • The suits that the Sons of Garmadon heist team wear during their heist in "The Mask of Deception" have the same colors of the six Ninja.
  • They were named after a real-life outlaw motorcycle club known as the "Sons of Silence."
  • The Sons of Garmadon are the only faction to have successfully conquered Ninjago.
  • They refer to Lord Garmadon as their "father."




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