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Snake Staffs
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Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai, Venomari, Anacondrai

The Snake Staffs are the ancient staffs that belong to the five Serpentine tribes.

Each staff holds an anti-venom which counteracts whatever powers that a Serpentine has used on someone. At first the anti-venom was viewed to be more of hinderance than a help, but it was later discovered that the combined solution created a map to the locations of the Fangblades.


Each staff looks the same; a golden cobra twining around a golden staff. A flat round piece goes in the middle, each with a special design for the five tribes.

In "The Curse of the Golden Master", this is no longer the case; every General's staff sports a dark green color scheme and no longer has anti-venom (However, this may be the case with only the Venomari Staff.)

Set Appearances

Hypnobrai Staff

Fangpyre Staff

Constrictai Staff

Venomari Staff


  • The Anacondrai Staff is the only Staff which doesn't appear in the Sets.


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