(The episode begins with Jay and Nya heading back to Four Weapons Blacksmith riding on the Lightning Dragon, now named Wisp.)

Jay: (trying to impress Nya) Hey, Nya. Check this out.

(He goes to ground level in fast speed while disturbing the peace of the citizens.)

Nya: Jay, grow up. (They arrive at the shop.) Thanks for helping out, blue boy. Now that I'm moving in with you guys, I just need to get a few things.

Jay: Okay, cool. Need a hand?

Nya: No. Just wait here.

Jay: Oh...uh...okay.

(As Nya enters the shop to collect a few essentials, she gets ambushed by four Skulkin: Wyplash and his three warriors.)

Krazi: Well hello, little girl. We've been expecting you.

Nya: May I remind you that this is private property and trespassing is against Ninjago law paragraph thirteen section two?

Wyplash: Oh, I thought paragraph thirteen was...(Nya punches him in the face.)

Chopov: (while rotating between the walls) Hey! Hey! Whoa...whoa...(gets decapitated) Ow! (His head lands on Wyplash.)

Nya: Don't lose your head now!

(Meanwhile, Jay is outside, still waiting.)

Jay: (talking to himself) Hey...Nya. Maybe after this, you wanna go for a ri...(Realizing his pick-up line is lame to the point Wisp rolls his eyes.) Oh, Jay.

(Back in the shop, Nya is still brawling with the Skulkin as she cuts one of the ropes with a shuriken that nearly hits Krazi.)

Krazi: Missed me! (A bunch of samurai equipment falls on him.)

(The Skulkin gain the upper hand and attempt to attack Nya.)

Chopov: (charging towards Nya) Get her!

(Nya lands a samurai helmet on Chopov that piles him down.)

Chopov: Retreat!

(As Nya laughs at Chopov, Krazi throws other equipment at her.)

(The Skulkin are now cornering her when she reaches for the gong.)

Nya: Hold this! (Gives the gong to Krazi that Chopov hits.)

Jay: (alerted by the gong) Nya! (Puts his hood up and uses Spinjitzu to get to the shop.) Ninja Go! (Sees that Nya exits the shop unharmed.) Nya, you're alright. What was that sound?

Nya: (diverting the situation) Oh, nothing. Just knocked over some samurai helmets and stuff.

(As Jay, Nya and Wisp leave the Four Weapons Blacksmith, the Skulkin warriors are shown to be piled up in their bones.)

Krazi: Wyplash, man. We just got beaten by a girl.

Wyplash: (rolling inside a bucket) This remains between the four of us.

(The episode ends.)

For the information of this episode, click here.

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