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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

“Are you ready to risk your life . . . for Ninjago?”
Master Wu
Secret Ninja Force
CGISceret Ninja Force
Affiliation Master Wu
Weapon of choice Sword
Bow and Arrow
Element Green
First Appearance The LEGO Movie (cameo: Lloyd only)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Status Active
Voiced by Dave Franco (Lloyd)
Michael Peña (Kai)
Zach Woods (Zane)
Abbi Jacobson (Nya)
Fred Armisen (Cole)
Kumail Nanjiani (Jay)

The Secret Ninja Force (also known as the Ninja) are a group of young master builders brought together by Master Wu to protect Ninjago Island from the forces of evil. Their base is aboard the Destiny's Bounty and they are the main protagonists of The LEGO Ninjago Movie.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie

The team (which consists of Lloyd, Kai, Nya, Jay, Zane, and Cole) first appears in the movie, using their mech suits to battle Garmadon and his army to protect Ninjago. Later after the battle, the Ninja see their sensei, Master Wu, return from his long trip. Master Wu tells them they aren't real Ninja if they rely on mechs and machines. He discusses that using their elements as their power to reach their potential.

The next day, the Ninja and Garmadon continue their fight in the city, with the latter in his giant mech. He successfully defeats Lloyd and his own mech. As Garmadon declares his rule over Ninjago, Lloyd returns with the Ultimate Weapon. He fires it, revealing it to be a laser that attracts a real-life cat named Meowthra. Meowthra starts destroying the city while trying to get the laser. Garmadon points the laser to make the cat destroy the other Ninjas' mechs, before Lloyd breaks it.

Lloyd meets up with his friends and Master Wu, who are all upset with him for using the weapon. Wu tells them they must use an Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon to stop Meowthra from destroying the city, which they would reach by crossing the Forest of Dangers, the Canyon of Death, and the Temple of Fragile Foundations. Garmadon and Wu later confront each other and fight, with the latter defeating the former via the makeshift cage. However, Wu loses his balance and falls off a bridge into a river, telling Lloyd he must use inner peace before getting swept away.

The Ninja decide to continue on, with Garmadon leading them much to Lloyd's disappointment. They are caught by Garmadon's former generals, who want revenge. The ninjas try to fight but are easily defeated; they retreat leaving Lloyd and Garmadon behind to be caught by the generals. The generals begin to fire Lloyd and Garmadon into a volcano. However, the rest of the ninjas save the day using stealth fighting. They all work together with Garmadon to escape the angry generals by building a makeshift helicopter, and Lloyd and Garmadon bond together in the process.

The Ninja and Garmadon eventually crash down onto the Temple of Fragile Foundations. Garmadon reveals that it is his home, as well as Koko formerly being a Ninja warrior herself. He reveals to Lloyd that he wishes he had stayed with him and his mom after deciding to conquer Ninjago, but he couldn't change so he had to stay behind. The ninjas find the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, consisting of a set of trinkets, only to have it stolen by Garmadon who still wants to take over the city. He wants Lloyd to be his general, but Lloyd rejects his offer. Out of frustration, Garmadon locks all of them in the temple as it begins to collapse. Lloyd realizes that inner peace means for them to unleash their power within, and they successfully do this, escaping from the collapsing temple. As they fall off a cliff, Wu saves them with his ship, and they head towards Ninjago.

Lloyd and the crew arrive and begin fighting Garmadon's army. As Lloyd approaches Meowthra (which had eaten Garmadon), he reveals to everyone that he is the green ninja, and realizes that Green means life, which brings everything together. He comforts Meowthra and tells Garmadon he forgives him and that he's sorry. Garmadon cries tears of fire, which causes Meowthra to spit him out. After reconciling, Garmadon moves in with Lloyd and Koko, Meowthra becomes the mascot of Ninjago, and Lloyd is hailed as a hero.






Like their TV show counterparts, each of the Ninja have Elemental Powers that give them amazing abilities over the elements.


The Secret Ninja Force are master builders and have amazing Ninja vehicles with incredible abilities.


The Secret Ninja Force all have their own Ninja Weapons that they use in battles.


  • Unlike their TV show counterparts, these versions are high school students and keep their identities a secret.
  • Lloyd previously made a cameo appearance as "Green Ninja" in The LEGO Movie, where he was seen with his ZX suit.


Secret Ninja Force



In The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Movie Characters

Secret Ninja Force

Master Wu · Lloyd Garmadon · Kai · Nya · Jay · Cole · Zane · The Fuschia Ninja
Allies: Koko
Animals: Meowthra

The Shark Army

Lord Garmadon · General Number 1

Ninjago City Residents

Mother Doomsday

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