Scroll of Airjitzu
Element N/A
First Appearance Stiix and Stones
Status Unknown

The Scroll of Airjitzu is a scroll created by Master Yang. On it, the technique of Airjitzu is written.

There are two known versions of the scroll, the only difference being that one has a map on the back of it. It is unknown if one is a duplicate of the other, or they were both created by Master Yang for an unknown reason.

The one with the map was being held at Domu, the ancient library, until it was stolen by Ronin. It may have been donated to the library by Yang himself before he died, while he kept one of his own at his temple.

The scroll without a map on the back was kept at Yang's Haunted Temple, just as it appeared that all of Yang's other possessions did.


Ghost Story

The Temple on Haunted Hill


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